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Larry Adams (aka TheWitness)

Hello there Cacti Docs site. Before I get into things, I wanted to let you all know that I picked TheWitness and my avatar some years ago (2002), and sometime passed before I attempted to change my avatar to something more affectionate. That was a bad week, and a good week at the same time. It turn's out people had become fond of it, and my new avatar was, well “gay”. So, as my daughter would say “fail”. So, I changed it back.

Who am I? Well sometimes I ask that question myself. I am a highly educated, yet simple person simply trying to find the door out of this thing we call life. However, I have this goal of trying to enjoy the time I have here as well.

What that means to me, somewhat ironically is working on Cacti. I really enjoy working on Cacti, and do so much that you will see me and others, like me, doing it just about all the time. I do some consulting, and enjoying working with customers and most importantly listening to their problems. Every once an a while, I find that “gold” nugget feature or technique to add to some product or another. Those, for me are “good” days.

I live in Michigan with my wife, two kids and faithful companion Tonto (Aspens his real name, and he licks). If you need some help, simply ask. I would post my work here, but there is too much of it. You can find it pretty much everywhere on this site.

Remember, enjoy Cacti.

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