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Martin Simpson

Commonly known as “axai” on most forums. I'm the author of The Wall App and a few cacti templates (see below).

I'm a sysadmin by day and geek by night. Take a look at the templates, let me know if you need anything and I'll see what I can do.

You can contact me on martin.simpson 'at'


NameDescriptionVersionDateIncludes DependanciesAuthorTags
hit_ratioSquid Hit Ratio Graph0.8.7e2009-09-23yesaxaisquid, hit ratio
http_requestsSquid Requests0.8.7e2009-09-24yesaxaisquid, http, requests
http_service_timeSquid HTTP Service Time0.8.7e2009-09-24yesaxaisquid, http, service time
request_rateSquid Request Rate0.8.7e2009-09-23yesaxaisquid, request rate

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