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Line 3: Line 3:
 type: user_template_host type: user_template_host
 usertemplate_nspage:host:junipermx960 usertemplate_nspage:host:junipermx960
-author_page:Nica Dan+author_page:wiki:user:Nica_Dan
 description: Juniper MX960 description: Juniper MX960
 Cacti_Version: 0.8.7g Cacti_Version: 0.8.7g
 homepage_url: homepage_url:
-date: 24.05.2012+date: 30.05.2012
 email: [email protected] email: [email protected]
 includes_dependancies: notrequired includes_dependancies: notrequired
Line 17: Line 17:
 ==== Information ==== ==== Information ====
   * interface pps   * interface pps
-  * interface trafic bits/s and ipv6+  * interface traffic bits/s and ipv6
   * interface rx optical   * interface rx optical
   * interface cos dropped in queue   * interface cos dropped in queue

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