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F5 BIG-IP LTM (v9)

F5 BIG-IP LTM (v9)



DateTemplate VersionRemark
2010-06-28 20100628-yrg XML files changed: oid_index_parse values modified in all files in order to use relative positioning instead of absolute.
2010-06-09 20100609-yrg New Data Query: Pool Statistics (ltmPoolStatEntry). New Graph Templates: Global/TMM/PM Client/Server Connection Rate, HTTP Request/Responses per Version, HTTP Reponses per bucket size. And more standardizations. - yreddy
2010-06-03 20100603-yrg Graph name modification - yreddy
2010-05-26 20100526-yrg Template created. It is based on from Cacti's Forum - yreddy


  1. Unzip the download
  2. Via cacti web console, click on “Import Templates” and import the file “cacti_host_template_*.xml”
  3. Via scp or other tool, copy the files “resource/snmp_queries/*.xml” into directory ”<path_cacti>/resource/snmp_queries/”
  4. Assign the new host template to new devices and create new graphs

Associated Graph Templates

  1. F5 BigIP - Global - Client Connection Rate
  2. F5 BigIP - Global - Client Connections
  3. F5 BigIP - Global - Client Packets
  4. F5 BigIP - Global - Client Traffic (bits/sec)
  5. F5 BigIP - Global - Host Memory
  6. F5 BigIP - Global - HTTP Requests per Version
  7. F5 BigIP - Global - HTTP Requests per Method
  8. F5 BigIP - Global - HTTP Requests per Ramcache Action
  9. F5 BigIP - Global - HTTP Responses per Bucket Size
  10. F5 BigIP - Global - HTTP Responses per Version
  11. F5 BigIP - Global - HTTP Responses per Status Code (2xx/3xx)
  12. F5 BigIP - Global - HTTP Responses per Status Code (2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx)
  13. F5 BigIP - Global - HTTP Responses per Status Code (4xx/5xx)
  14. F5 BigIP - Global - Memory Usage
  15. F5 BigIP - Global - Server Connection Rate
  16. F5 BigIP - Global - Server Connections
  17. F5 BigIP - Global - Server Packets
  18. F5 BigIP - Global - Server Traffic (bits/sec)
  19. F5 BigIP - Global - SSL Transactions
  20. F5 BigIP - Global - TM CPU Usage
  21. ucd/net - CPU Usage (enhanced)
  22. ucd/net - Load Average (enhanced)
  23. ucd/net - Memory Usage (enhanced)
  24. ucd/net - TCP Counters
  25. ucd/net - TCP Current Established
  26. ucd/net - Uptime

Associated Data Queries

  1. F5 BigIP - Chassis Fan
  2. F5 BigIP - Chassis Temperature
  3. F5 BigIP - CPU Physical Statistics
  4. F5 BigIP - Interface Statistics
  5. F5 BigIP - MultiHost CPU Statistics
  6. F5 BigIP - Pool Member Statistics (ltmPoolMemberStatTable)
  7. F5 BigIP - Pool Statistics (ltmPoolEntry)
  8. F5 BigIP - Pool Statistics (ltmPoolStatEntry)
  9. F5 BigIP - TMM Statistics
  10. F5 BigIP - VS Statistics
  11. SNMP - Interface Statistics



This template has been tested with the following versions:

  • F5 BIG-IP LTM 6400 software 9.4.8 Build 396.1 Hotfix HF3

Known Issues

  • Interface Statistics Graph: Management interface (mgt) is sometime unavailable because it is not listed F5 OIDs (.
  • HTTP request per Method: sysHttpStatGetReqs (. doesn't seem to be incremented for all HTTP GET requests (ie: “HTTP 304” doesn't increment the get counter). However this problem doesn't exist with sysHttpStatNumberReqs(. which cause empty spaces in the graph.

Related URL / Credits

This template is based on from Cacti's Forum. Special thanks to Terje Gravvold for the first original template and to citizen_elah, BSOD2600, matibut14, hamish (and maybe others) for all the contributions. From this base, I've added dozens of new graph templates and made many modifications in an attempt to standardize the whole template. Later (2010-09-06), I saw interesting graph templates on F5 DevCentral that have inspired to create new graph templates (HTTP Requests/Responses per Version) and a new data query (ltmPoolStatEntry). Please see the references below:

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