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 type:user_template_host type:user_template_host
 usertemplate_nspage:host:apc:inrowrc usertemplate_nspage:host:apc:inrowrc
-author_page:eschoeller +author_page:wiki:user:eschoeller 
-description:Host Template for APC InRow RC Cooling Units+description:APC InRow RC Cooling Units
 Cacti_Version:0.8.7h Cacti_Version:0.8.7h
 homepage_url: homepage_url:
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 ^Version^File^ ^Version^File^
 |0.8.7h|{{}}| |0.8.7h|{{}}|
 +===== Pre-requisites ====
 +We have determined that this template may only support ACRC500 units out-of-the-box. Other models of InRow units may not work immediately. It appears that APC uses different OID structures for each model of InRow unit. I cannot explain why they would opt to do this. Follow through the discussion on the forum post:
 +[[|Host Template for APC InfraStruXure InRow CRAC Units]]
 +Several individuals have successfully modified the template to work with different units. Ideally, I would have developed this template to handle any unit - this would have required the use of script queries instead of snmp queries. Seeing as I don't have access to any other InRow units, I likely won't be able to make any modifications to support the full line of InRow products.
 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====

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