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usertemplate:graph:squid:request_rate [2009/09/23 10:04]
usertemplate:graph:squid:request_rate [2010/07/09 10:55] (current)
Linegod fix tags & template
Line 2: Line 2:
 ---- dataentry plugin_style ---- ---- dataentry plugin_style ----
 type:user_template_graph type:user_template_graph
-usertemplate_nspage:graph:squid:request rate+usertemplate_nspage:graph:squid:request_rate
 author_page: wiki:user:axai author_page: wiki:user:axai
 description: Squid Request Rate  description: Squid Request Rate 
Line 10: Line 10:
 email: [email protected] email: [email protected]
 includes_dependancies: yes includes_dependancies: yes
-templates_tags: squid request_rate+templates_tags: squid, request rate
 ---- ----

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