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 +====== Interface Traffic 95th Percentile ======
 +---- dataentry plugin_style ----
 +author_page: wiki:user:gandalf
 +description: Interface Traffic Template showing Peak Data and 95th Percentile
 +Cacti_Version: 087d
 +date: 2009-04-15
 +includes_dependancies: yes
 +templates_tags: Traffic
 +===== Download =====
 +===== Installation =====
 +Please do **NOT** include RRA settings when importing!
 +I am using company specific RRA settings and it is very likely that you won't like to override them.
 +This Graph Template will **overwrite** the standard Cacti Traffic Graph Template.
 +**Advantage**: There's no need to change existing graphs to the new layout. \\ 
 +**Disadvantage**: all custom changes to the standard Cacti Traffic Graph Template will be overruled.
 +===== Screenshots =====
 +{{:usertemplate:graph:traffic95th_-_daily_rra.png|Daily RRA}}
 +You notice the //legend// entry for the 95th percentile but missing the red line? You are **correct**. The HRULE representing the 95th percentile is **not** taken into account when rrdtool performs autoscaling. In other words, it exceeds the scale of the graph. \\
 +Please feel free to add inbound/outbound 95th percentile at your wish
 +{{:usertemplate:graph:traffic95th_-_all_rras.png|ALL RRAs}}
 +You see the red line now? Well for the last two graphs of this image, the 95th percentile matches the scale of the graph, that's why you see it now.

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