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 ---- dataentry plugin_style ---- ---- dataentry plugin_style ----
 type:user_template_data type:user_template_data
 version: 2.0 version: 2.0
 +script_type: SNMP XML
 author_page:wiki:user:bsod2600 author_page:wiki:user:bsod2600
-description: Speedfan envrionmental probes+description: Speedfan environmental probes
 Cacti_Version: 0.8.7d Cacti_Version: 0.8.7d
-date:+date: 2009-04-04
 includes_dependancies:yes includes_dependancies:yes
-templates_tags:WindowsSpeedfan, temperature, voltage, fan+templates_tags:windowsspeedfan, temperature, voltage, fan
 ---- ----
 ===== Download ===== ===== Download =====
 ^Version^File^ ^Version^File^
 ===== Requirements ===== ===== Requirements =====
 +  * [[|Speedfan 4.3x]]
 +  * [[|SpeedFan SNMP Extension 0.1.0-10]]
 +  * SNMPWALK . to verify proper configuration of Speedfan and sfsnmp. 
 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
 +  - Copy the scripts to your \cacti\resources\snmp_queries\ folder.
 +  - Import the templates.
 +  - Add the Speedfan Associated Data Queries to a device.
 +  - Click on the 'Create Graphs for this Host' screen.
 +  - Select the various SpeedFan sources you want to graph. Click create. 
 ===== Screenshots ===== ===== Screenshots =====
 +{{:usertemplate:data:windows:speedfan:speedfan_sample.png|Sample image}}
 +Sample image. Custom aggregate graphs for each probe type. You will have to make these yourself.
 +===== Notes =====
 +  * The 'Create Graphs for this Host' screen shows sample SNMP data from Speedfan to assist with adding only the correct indexes. Disregard the numbers are not what you see in Speedfan. This is due to the data needing most often needed to be divided by 100 (which the graph templates already handle).
 +  * Speedfan does not implement indexes. Thus, if you change your hardware around, Speedfan will shift device ordering around, possibly changing the order in which sfsnmp & Cacti are monitoring. This can adversely affect monitoring and graphs.
 +  * Speedfan does not expose the descriptions to sfsnmp. Thus, the Data Source & Graph Templates label things by the SNMP Index number. On each graph template, you can manually change the name to something more logical.
 +  * For more meaningful graphs, you should create custom graphs which include all of the related system enviroment types together (fan, voltage, and temperature). Another method is to use the Aggregate plugin to expedite this process.
 +  * These scripts are more efficient than the original ones which come with the Speedfan SNMP extension, since it uses intelligent Data Queries which are pure SNMP. 
 ===== Change Log ===== ===== Change Log =====
 +2.0: Re-wrote scripts. Ditched Script Server and now pure SNMP Data Queries. If upgrading, delete *ALL* existing Speedfan Data input methods, Data templates, and Graph templates as they all have changed. Keep any custom graph templates you've created for your systems for Speedfan. Exported with Cacti 0.8.7d.\\
 +1.1: Updated ss_* scripts to work with Cacti 0.8.7\\
 +1.0: Initial release. Exported w/Cacti 0.8.6j \\
 +===== Support =====
 +Use [[|this forum post]]

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