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usertemplate:data:host_resources_mib:process [2009/04/24 01:46]
BSOD2600 added script type
usertemplate:data:host_resources_mib:process [2019/10/29 15:16] (current)
Line 1: Line 1:
-====== Windows Process Usage ======+====== Microsoft Windows Process Details ======
 ---- dataentry plugin_style ---- ---- dataentry plugin_style ----
 type:user_template_data type:user_template_data
Line 6: Line 6:
 script_type: SNMP XML script_type: SNMP XML
 version:1.1 version:1.1
-description:Windows Process Usage (CPU, Memory)+description:Microsoft - Windows Process Usage (CPU, Memory)
 Cacti_Version:0.8.7d Cacti_Version:0.8.7d
 date:2009-04-19 date:2009-04-19
 includes_dependancies:yes includes_dependancies:yes
-templates_tags:host resources mib, windows, process, cpu, memory+templates_tags:windows, process, cpu, memory, HOST-RESOURCES-MIB
 ---- ----

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