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 type:user_template_data type:user_template_data
 usertemplate_nspage:data:cisco:cpu_usage usertemplate_nspage:data:cisco:cpu_usage
-script_type:PHP script server+script_type:PHP Script Server
 date: 2009-06-26 date: 2009-06-26
 author_page:wiki:user:ehall author_page:wiki:user:ehall
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 homepage_url: homepage_url:
 includes_dependancies:notrequired includes_dependancies:notrequired
-templates_tags:Cisco, router, cpu+templates_tags:cisco, router, cpu
 ---- ----
 +Applicable to Cisco Devices using Cisco IOS Software releases later to 12.0(3)T and prior to 12.2(3.5) that do not support OLD-CISCO-CPU MIB (See [[|How to Collect CPU Utilization on Cisco IOS Devices Using SNMP]])
 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
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 See this [[|Cacti forums thread]] See this [[|Cacti forums thread]]

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