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 type:userscript type:userscript
 userscript_nspage:ss4200-e userscript_nspage:ss4200-e
-author:Wayne Anderson+author_page:wiki:user:wayne_anderson
 description:Set of scripts (and associated templates) to query an SS4200-E. description:Set of scripts (and associated templates) to query an SS4200-E.
 version:0.0.1 version:0.0.1
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 date:2009-12-16 date:2009-12-16
 email:[email protected] email:[email protected]
-scripts_tags: SS4200-ENASIntel +scripts_tags: ss4200-enasintel 
 ---- ----
 ===== Download ===== ===== Download =====
 Scripts to be added shortly. Scripts to be added shortly.
 ===== Purpose ===== ===== Purpose =====
 +This set of scripts (and associated data and graph templates) provide the neccessary materials to execute net-snmp command line actions to get information from Intel's Entry Storage Server, model SS4200-E.  
 +The SS4200-E runs a customized installation of EMC's Lifeline software for SOHO customers.  This is essentially a highly simplified linux installation (busybox) with an SNMP implementation that can be turned on (off by default) as well as an administrative interface powered by webmin.
 +This set of scripts provide essentially a PERL wrapper for net-snmp tools.  Otherwise, these scripts provide substantially similar functionality to that provided by the [[usertemplate:host:intel:ss4200-e|host template for the SS4200-E]].
 ===== Features ===== ===== Features =====
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 [[script:ss4200-e.screenshots]] [[script:ss4200-e.screenshots]]

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