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-====== provisioning from csv ======+====== Provisioning from CSV ======
 ---- dataentry plugin_style ---- ---- dataentry plugin_style ----
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 date: 2011/06/08 date: 2011/06/08
 email: email:
-scripts_tags: provisionning, cli+scripts_tags: provisioning, cli
 ---- ----
 ===== Download ===== ===== Download =====
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 ===== Usage ===== ===== Usage =====
-**__1. Configuration :__** +==== Configuration ====
-Edit the config file placed in the conf directory and check that the cacti path is correct. +
-Set the options to the correct data queries.+
-__**2. Patch the cli/create_graph.php file :**__ +  Edit the config file placed in the conf directory and check that the cacti path is correct
-If you want to use the --create-graph-multi option for importing scripts, you have to patch the cacti cli/create_graph.php file+  * Set the options to the correct data queries.
-Simply copy the cli/add_graphs_filter.php in the cacti cli folder. +
-The patch (and the patched version of the scripts) are in the cli folder.+
-__**3. import only one host :**__ +==== Patch the cli/create_graph.php file ====
-Go to the host_add folder (here) and exec the following command : +
-perl scripts/ --host <hostname or IP> --description <host description> --template <cacti host template> --snmp_version <1,2 or 3> --snmp_community <snmp community> [--network <graph tree name>] [--create-graph-multi] [--debug]+
-__**4. importing a lot of devices :**__ +  If you want to use the --create-graph-multi option for importing scripts, you have to patch the cacti cli/create_graph.php file. 
-Create a csv file as in the csv/cacti_example.csv file. +  * copy the cli/add_graphs_filter.php in the cacti cli folder.((The patch (and the patched version of the scripts) are in the cli folder.))
-Go to the host_add folder and start the command : +
-perl scripts/ --file <path to the csv file> [--create-graph-multi] [--debug]+
 +==== Importing one device ====
 +  * Go to the host_add folder (here) and exec the following command :
 +<code bash>
 +perl scripts/ --host <hostname or IP> --description <host description> --template <cacti host template> 
 +--snmp_version <1,2 or 3> --snmp_community <snmp community> [--network <graph tree name>] [--create-graph-multi] [--debug]
 +==== Importing multiple devices ====
 +  * Create a csv file as in the csv/cacti_example.csv file.
 +<file csv/cacti_example.csv>
 +  * Go to the host_add folder and run the command:
 +<code bash>
 +perl scripts/ --file <path to the csv file> [--create-graph-multi] [--debug]
 ===== Additional Help? ===== ===== Additional Help? =====

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