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Cacti 0.8.7g Patches

The following patches where released on 2010/07/27

Data Source Deactivation - Fix issue with multi selection data source deactivation

Graph List iew Searching - Graph List View Searching

Interface Display - Repair various interface display issues

LDAP Group Authentication - Fix LDAP authenication with group restrictions enabled

Script Server Command Line Options - Update script server to properly process command line arguments that are quoted

They can be downloaded at

Linegod 2010/07/27 23:56

Release of Cacti 0.8.7g!!!

We are proud to release the following:

  • Cacti 0.8.7g
  • Spine 0.8.7g
  • Cacti Plugin Architecture 2.8 for Cacti 0.8.7g

Please view the official announcement on the forums at:


Tony Roman

Cacti Developer

Release of Cacti 0.8.7g Beta 2 and MORE!

We are proud to release the following for testing by the community:

  • Cacti 0.8.7g Beta 2
  • Spine 0.8.7g Beta 2
  • Cacti Plugin Architecture 2.8 for Cacti 0.8.7g Beta 2

Please view the official announcement on the forums at:

Linegod 2010/06/13 23:15

Release of Cacti 0.8.7g BETA 1

We the Cacti Group are proud to release the following:

  • Cacti 0.8.7g Beta 1
  • Spine 0.8.7g Beta 1
  • Cacti Plugin Architecture 2.8 for Cacti 0.8.7g Beta 1

Full info at

Status of Cacti 0.8.7f (Do not use)

We are currently advising people to not install Cacti 0.8.7f due to the following issues:

  1. LDAP authentication for login produces a warning about an undefined index
  2. Automatic page refresh on graph views does now function
  3. Save button on user management graph permissions does not work
  4. Deleting a graph tree does not work with Plugin Architecture installed
  5. If using snmp binaries some snmp get requests will fail

If you have already upgraded to 0.8.7f, you can simple move back to 0.8.7e.

Cacti 0.8.7g will be release on June 7th to address these issues.


The Cacti Group

Linegod 2010/05/26 22:23

Cacti 0.8.7f has been released

Release notes:

Download at

Spine 0.8.7f will be available by early next week. Cacti 0.8.7f will work just fine with Spine 0.8.7e.

If you have any questions head on over to the forums!

Linegod 2010/05/19 22:31

SQL Injection Issue

SQL Injection Issue in Template Export reported by Bonsai Information Security

Available at Cacti Main Site on the Patches page

Scripts Link Added

Add a link to the Scripts area, now that there is at least one contributed script.

Linegod 2009/12/09 18:21

Cross-Site Scripting Fixes

The Cross-Site Scripting patch has been posted

This patch addresses cross-site scripting issues reported by Moritz Naumann

Linegod 2009/11/22 00:05

Windows IIS Ping Issue

The Windows IIS Ping Issue patch has been posted

This patch fixes issue with ICMP ping when running Cacti on Windows IIS

New Patches for Cacti 0.8.7e Posted

New patch have been posted. Download them at

List of Patches

Command Line Add Graphs Syntax 2009/08/18

Fixes command line syntax help in cli/add_graph.php

SNMP Invalid Responses 2009/08/18

Properly rejects invalid responses from snmp

Template Import/Export Duplication 2009/08/18

Addresses issue when templates are duplicated and then exported. A new command line utility has been added to repair any corrupted templates.

Official Host Templates

All of the Host Templates that come with the default Cacti installation have been added to the Templates page.

Each template has an image showing what CDEFs, Graph Inputs, Graph Templates, etc will be updated when you import the default template.

Linegod 2009/07/01 16:35

Cacti 0.8.7e and Spine 0.8.7e

We are proud to announce the release of Cacti 0.8.7e and Spine 0.8.7e.

Please visit to download.

There are quite a few bug fixes in the 0.8.7e release. Some highlights include:

  • Reduced issues unexpected SNMP agents results
  • Fixed issue with SNMPv3 passwords and Firefox Browser
  • Fixed a long standing bug where changes to graph trees would not show up immediately

Thanks, The Cacti Group

Linegod 2009/06/29 12:56

User Templates

A lot of new user templates added, thanks to howie and bsod2600

A lot of things cleaned up after seeing what happens when users add templates =)

Linegod 2009/04/19 19:28

Template Updates

Several new templates are available. Feel free to add your own, but please follow the standard name space. For example:

  • A processes graph template for a Linux Server would be at 'usertemplate:graph:linux_server:processes'
  • A Host MIB logged in users template would be at 'usertemplate:graph:host_mib:logged_in_users'
  • A QoS graph for a Cisco device would be at 'usertemplate:graph:cisco:qos'
  • A Nortel 8600 Switch host template would be at 'usertemplate:host:nortel:8600'

Linegod 2009/04/16 09:53

Plugin Update

Thanks to gandalf, the remainder of the Supported Plugins have been added into the site.

The Plugin Development documentation is back as well, but it needs some updating.

New Site Up!

I've just turned the new site up ( — Linegod 2009/03/18 15:18 ) . There are a couple of issues, but don't worry, I'm working on them and they should be resolved shortly.


Linegod 2009/03/23 13:32

  • Changed tagging standard
  • Added cload filters to Plugins and Template pages
  • Some CSS improvements

Linegod 2009/03/20 14:00

  • Fixed anonymous page creation
  • Link to roadmaps

Linegod 2009/03/20 13:27

Linegod 2009/03/20 00:04

  • Login now works correctly
  • tab links work again
  • some test pages removed
  • a couple of templates in place

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