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 +====== Status of the Wiki ======
 +We have moved quite a bit of content to GitHub.  We continue to maintain this site for the foreseeable future.  We are working on re-enabling login access for people who wish to create accounts and contribute Cacti Templates and Plugin links.  Give us a little time.
 ====== Welcome to Cacti 1.x DocuWiki ====== ====== Welcome to Cacti 1.x DocuWiki ======
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 ====== Current Cacti 1.x Releases ====== ====== Current Cacti 1.x Releases ======
-[[|Cacti 1.1.30]]+Cacti release 1.1.36 is our 44th release of the Cacti 1.x branch, and it's only been a year and change from the first release of 1.0.0 2018 is looking promising as well We have a lot of plans for this year.  With more active developers and community supporters, we should be able to clear a number of feature requests from our GitHub issue tracker.
-[[|Spine 1.1.30]]+[[|Cacti 1.1.36]] 
 +[[|Spine 1.1.36]]
 ====== Current Cacti 0.8.x Releases ====== ====== Current Cacti 0.8.x Releases ======
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 ====== Announcements ====== ====== Announcements ======
 +===== Release of Cacti 1.1.36 =====
 +We hope this release will be the last one before the release of 1.2.  However, if we find bugs, you will find fixes in the develop branch.  All 1.2 specific activity will be in the feature 1.2 branch.  So, the develop branch should be considered safe to patch from.  Here's to the pending 1.2 release!
 + --- //[[[email protected]|cigamit]] 2018/03/03 13:18//
 ===== Release of Cacti 1.0.0 ===== ===== Release of Cacti 1.0.0 =====

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