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Supported Plugins

aggregateThis plugin aggregates graphs from Graph ManagementN/AN/AgandalfGPL v2graph
autom8This Plugin automates Creation of Graphs and Tree EntriesN/AN/AgandalfGPL v2automation, graph, tree
boostLarge Site Performance Booster for CactiN/AN/AthewitnessGPL v2rrd
clogSimple Log Viewer Plugin for CactiN/AN/AthewitnessGPL v2logs
cycleAutomatically cycle through cacti graphs4.12018-01-13the_cacti_groupGPL v2graph
discoveryAuto Host DiscoveryN/AN/AcigamitGPL v2device
docsDocument Viewerv0.4N/AcigamitGPL v2misc
domainsAllows Multiple Login Domain Support in CactiN/AN/Athe_cacti_groupGPL v2security, ldap, auth, login
dsstatsCacti Data Source Statistics PluginN/AN/Athe_cacti_groupGPL v2stats
errorimageReplace Missing Graphs with Error ImageN/AN/AcigamitGPL v2error, graph
flowviewA Simple Network Flow Viewer for Cacti2.12018-01-13cigamitGPL v2netflow
hmibHost Resources MIB Poller Supplement for Cacti3.12018-01-13the_cacti_groupGPL v2device, resource, mib, polling
loginmodLogin Page ModificationsN/AN/AcigamitGPL v2login
mactrackEnd Device Port Tracker and General Network Toolkit4.12018-01-13thewitnessGPL v2device, scan, discovery, security, audit, inventory, access control
mikrotikCollect MikroTik Information for Reporting2.22018-01-13the_cacti_groupGPL v2graph, radius
mobileA simple display to see down hosts and alerts from your mobile deviceN/AN/AcigamitGPL v2
monitorMonitoring for Cacti1.32018-01-13cigamitGPL v2alarming
nectarCacti Graphical Email ReportsN/AN/AgandalfGPL v2nectar, graph, mail, report
ntopSimple Plugin to View the NTOP Web Site0.2N/AcigamitGPL v2ntop
realtimeRealtime Graph ViewerN/AN/AthewitnessGPL v2graph
remoteInfrastructure plugin providing Remote Consoles for Cacti.0.1N/AthewitnessGPL v2ssh, telnet
routerconfigsRouter Config Backup1.12018-01-13cigamitGPL v2device, config
rrdcleanCacti RRD File CleanerN/AN/AgandalfGPL v2file, rrd
settingsSettingsN/AN/AcigamitGPL v2config
slowlogSimple plugin to allow you to analyze your MySQL Slow Query Logs1.32011-10-05the_cacti_groupGPL v2analysis, performance, slow, logs, audit, database, mysql
spikekillSpike Killer for CactiN/AN/AthewitnessGPL v2file, graph
sslCacti SSL PluginN/AN/AN/AcigamitGPL v2ssl
superlinksAdds Tabs, Menu Items and allows several other UI customisations.N/AN/Athe_cacti_groupGPL v2tabs, ui, customization, gui
syslogSylog Viewer for Cacti2.12018-01-13cigamitGPL v2logs, syslog, alarming, events, mail
tholdThreshold Alert Module1.0.42018-01-13cigamitGPL v2alarming
ugroupPlugin to Provide Hierarchical User Groups in CactiN/AN/Athe_cacti_groupGPL v2users, groups

User Plugins

acceptanceApprove and deploy devices1.1.03.12013-10-03hipskaautomation, device, manage, webservice
autom8reportitAutomate add/remove data sources on reports1.1.03.12013-10-29hipskaautomation, report, autom8, reportit
autom8tholdAutomate threshold creation for data sources1.03.12013-10-29hipskaautomation, threshold, autom8, thold
availreportGenerates availability reports for devices or clusters of devices. To do so, it reads a selected .rrd file that is associated with a Data Source related to either hrSystemUptime or sysUptime OID's.0.23.12013-04-23Victor Antunesavailability
bannershow a banner message on the top of Cacti. Could be a message to warm other cacti users or advertise for something.0.312.x2010-09-14Jean-michel pepinGPLv2banner, gui
cammView/Delete/Alert/Mark/manage SNMPTT (snmp traps and infos) and SYSLOG messages1.5.32009-04-20gtheGPLv2snmpt, trap, syslog, extjs
capacityreportProvides a historical view of graph data.0.13.12013-04-26Victor Antunes
cereusreportingInstant PDF Report creation3.01.29> 2.x2017-07-18phalekcommercialpdf, report, mail
cereustransporterExport the polled data from Cacti directly into an InfluxDB or Bosun0.50> 2.x2016-05-25phalekcereus, transporter, boson, unfluxdb, grafana
configmanagerinterface between Cacti and scripts. Some scripts for configuration download and upload are delivered. The scripts could be started with a scheduler or via traps/syslog-traps. A tool for web-comparaison is included.0.8262.x2010-08-23Jean-Michel PepinGPLv2script, control
dashboardCreate a different dashboard for each users. Only allowed users can edit the dashboards.1.22.x2012-04-10André Luísdashboard, graphs
dpdiscoverDevice discovery via LLDP, CDP, FDP1.453.1 tested2013-11-22ericdivesGPLv2discovery, discover
fix64bitFix 64bit Counters0.42014-03-11shadeGPLv2graph, poller, 64bit
gpsmapsThis plugin provides an integration of Google maps with cacti.1.82.x2009-08-10spiffydudexGPLv2gps, map, google, coordinates, mapping
intropageProvide Dashboard (summary screen) - preview of hosts, tholds, db status, logs statitics, alerts, ... on console screen or in separated tab1.02014-02-13macandashboard, console, summary screen
ipsubneta IPsubnet calculator IPV4 & IPv60.4f2.x2004-01-01Jean-Michel PepinGPLv2ipsubnet
itemsorterSorting items on the graph_template edit page1.02.x2013-02-26FlashickGPLv2template, graph
managePHP Network Managing0.6.22.8+2011-01-04Gilles Boulonmanage, ports, processes, overview
mirageMirage is a Cacti plugin designed to mirror SNMP polling data to logfile prior to writing RRD files. Modestino, Philippe Tang, Menno VanderlistMITSplunk, Mirage, Mirror, Poller, Export, Key-Value, KV, SNMP, RRD Tool, Log
multipollerserverCluster more then one Cacti with one Database and one rra folder0.8.8h2.x2016-07-27der_docGPLv2cluster, poller, multipoller
murlinAdds URL Monitoring to Cacti0.2.4v2+2014-07-04Jamoflawurl, website
truenasCacti Plugin to monitor your TrueNAS Appliance1.012/7/15ixsystems
nmiddataexportExport In/Outbound interface data to CSV or JSON1.1.02.x2012-03-21phalekGPLv2interface, export, json, csv
nmidinventoryEnhanced Inventory Data for Cacti1.00>2.02014-04-28phaleknmid, inventory
nmidphpipIntegrates the phpip tool into Cacti0.42.x2010-11-05phalekGPLv2phpip, ip management
nmidsmokepingIntegrates smokeping graphs within the Cacti tree view page2.002.92014-07-20phalekGPLv2smokeping
nmidweb2Adds Web 2.0 functionality to the Tree View page0.4n/a2013-04-03phalekGPLv2web2, jQuery, portlets
nmidwebserviceAdds some webservice functionality to Cacti2.072.x2012-04-24phalekGPLv2webservice, soap
noticesAdds a box for Notices to the Graph0.2c2009-05-29brezelGPLv2
plgexamplea reference/canvas plugin to create quickly your how plugin, copy it, replace "plgexample" with the name of your plugin (ex myown) everywhere you can see it (folder, filename, in the files itself) and your have your new plugin ready to be installed.0.22.x2008-01-01Jean-Michel Pepin
predictDatasource value prediction1.0.02.x2013-05-14Herve Donatipredict, prediction
quicktreeA shopping basket for graphs0.22010-03-28howieGPLv2tree, graph, ui
timeshiftDisplay on one page several successive same timespans of a graph vertically0.1.12.x2013-01-07Herve Donatitimespan
titlechangerChange the title of Cacti pages0.12.x2009-07-31howieGPLv2ui, customization
topxTopx allows you to add an arithmetic operation or combine data source (example: discard and error traffic together, ..) and displays hights and lows (example: most utilization CPU, interface traffic, ..)0.12016-07-01macanextremes, hights, lows
unifiedtreesPull tree information for the graph tree view from multiple Cacti installs and a display them as a single tree.0.83.1 tested2013-04-12ericdivesgraph_view trees
weathermapGenerate maps and diagrams using data collected by Cacti or other sources.0.97a2010-03-09howieGPLv2maps, diagrams

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