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This is an old revision of the document!

  • change function calls from api_plugin_* to plugin_*
  • internationalize all texts shown to the user: use __(“text”); create <plugin>.po file
  • internationalize date/time
  • pay attention to $menu indexes, often set in <plugin>_config_arrays; e.g. $menu[“Utilities”] now goes $menu[“utilities”][“items”]
  • after registering a new realm, often set in <plugin>_config_arrays call function plugin_load_realms() to load realms into global variable
  • $config has gone, replace e.g.
    • $config[“base_path”] by CACTI_BASE_PATH
    • $config[“rra_path”] by CACTI_RRA_PATH
    • $config[“url_path”] by CACTI_URL_PATH
    • $config[“library_path”] by CACTI_BASE_PATH . ”/lib”
    • $config[“include_path”] by CACTI_BASE_PATH . ”/include”

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