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SlowLog Screen Shots

I have attached several screen shots below to give you an idea as to how this plugin behaves.

Importing Slow Query Logs

This first screen shot shows the upload screen. From this screen it's important to notice the size limitations imposed by the web server. You also have to upload that tables names for the analysis tool to determine what tables to 'discover'. Although I could have written the plugin to 'detect' the tables names, it was easier, at this point to have you declare them.

Summary Page

This next screen shot shows the Summary Page. It's important to note that this is a general purpose tool, so you can upload as many Slow Query Log's as you want. This would work well for a Technical Support organization looking for problems with your current servers configuration.

Queries by Method/Type

The next screen shot shows the By 'Method' interface. Query methods include things like 'DELETES', 'SELECTS', etc. It's important to know what query types are causing the performance issues, so we provide 4 graphs here.

Queries by Table Name

The next screen shot is the By 'Table' interface. It is as important to know the table where slow queries are occurring as much as it is the SQL that is being used. In this graph, we make it as obvious as possible those offending tables.

Slow Log Details Page

When you drill down on the previous graphs, or from the summary page, you see the table below. This interface is sortable by Query time and all the other dimensions, so you can examine the contents in greater detail.

Slow Log Query Details Page

Once you find a Query of interest, you can see the exact syntax by drilling into it as shown.

I plan to add additional graphs, but that will come in v2.0

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