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Realtime Graph Viewer
GPL v2
originally by:
Mathiew Virbel ([email protected])

Please note that this plugin has been merged into the base of Cacti 1.x on GitHub. Older versions of this plugin are maintained here for reference only.


Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): realtime-v0.5-2.tgz

Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): realtime-v0.5-1.tgz


Please note that this plugin has been merged into the base of Cacti 1.x on GitHub. Older versions of this plugin are maintained here for reference only.

Provides a method to view Cacti graphs with a resolution of upto 5 seconds.


Allows Syncronization between windows. Dynamically sizes viewing window based upon graph size. Uses Ajax for Graph generation.


PIA 2.x is required. However, this plugin “may” work for PIA 1.x, although it has not been tested.


Install just like any other plugin, just throw it in the plugin directory. Untar it and follow the instructions common for a PIA 2.x plugin. First Install, and then Enable the plugin.

You need to also create a folder somewhere on your system that is accessible to the apache user for writing. This folder should be different than other transient folders used by plugins as it will be periodically pruned by this plugin.

Unless you are attempting to install this plugin in the PIA 1.x environment, you do not need to modify include/global.php.

Although this plugin has not been tested with PIA 1.x, it should work without issue.


You must first grant your users access to the Realtime plugin. Once access has been granted, you simply goto the Graphs page and click on the Realtime icon. If you check the Synchronize checkbox, all open Realtime windows will have the same timespan and refresh interval.

Keep in mind that this plugin does use Web Server resources. Therefore, the more windows you have open, the more your system will become loaded with graphing processes.

Therefore, it is important that you control the number of users who have access to this plugin. It may be recommended to place a load balancer in front of your Cacti installation and mount the Realtime and RRA directories by NFS, CIFS, or Samba in order to use a plugin such as this.

Additional Help?

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— 0.42 —

  • bug: remove memory limits. They cause issues on more recent PHP versions

— 0.41 —

  • feature: support for 0.8.7f
  • compat: remove support for PIA 1.x

— 0.4 —

  • feature: handle the refresh of the image transparently
  • bug: resize FF window more appropriately

— 0.36 —

  • feature: make compatible with PIA2.x
  • feature: make the plugin auto upgrade
  • bug: increase window size by 10 pixels

— 0.35 —

  • bug: fix in 0.34 for initializing poller and cmd not working
  • bug: don't show the realtime icon unless the user has access

— 0.34 —

  • bug: Remove sessions issues when Ajax off and Sync off
  • bug: cmd_rt.php and poller_rt.php not initializing properly on some platforms.

— 0.33 —

  • bug: Some browsers have problem with the Ajax method, make optional
  • bug: Remove cacti availability checks as they cause problems with some systems.

— 0.32 —

  • feature: Use Ajax!
  • feature: Allow the user to synchoronize windows
  • feature: Add Ajax (loading) image

— 0.31 —

  • bug: Fix issue in Windows with extra slash
  • bug: Allow to work with previous versions of Cacti
  • bug: Keep dropdowns from reseting
  • bug: Allow full display on IE6
  • bug: Change image from png to gif to correct visual affect on substandard browsers (IE6 again)

— 0.3 —

  • bug: Make compatible with Windows.
  • bug: Remove excessive Cacti logging where it should not be.
  • bug: Make the poller_id more random to handle multiple users.
  • bug: Remove table modification code that was not required.
  • bug: Move RRDfiles to their own directory.
  • feature: Make the default step “5” to keep all graphs compatible with one another.
  • feature: Allow the designation of default timespan and update intervals.
  • feature: Resize window based upon actual image size.
  • feature: Allow altering of the display window timespan.
  • feature: Add a cache directory setting.

— 0.2 —

  • Add some additional features.

— 0.1 —

  • Initial release

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