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 plugin_nspage:nectar plugin_nspage:nectar
 author_page:wiki:user:gandalf author_page:wiki:user:gandalf
-description: This Plugin sends Graphs and Text to given mail address(es) +description:Cacti Graphical Email Reports 
-version: 0.35a +version:N/A 
-pia_version2.4+, 2.9 recommended+status:core 
 homepage_url: homepage_url:
-date: 2011-12-05 +date: N/A
 license:GPL v2 license:GPL v2
 plugins_tags: nectar, graph, mail, report plugins_tags: nectar, graph, mail, report
 ---- ----
 +<note important>**Please note that this plugin has been merged into the base of Cacti 1.x on [[|GitHub.]]  Older versions of this plugin are maintained here for reference only.**</note>
 ===== Download ===== ===== Download =====
-This plugin can be download here:  + 
-^Version ^ Download ^ Changes ^ +Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): {{:plugin:nectar-v0.35a.tgz|}} 
-|V 0.11 |{{:plugin:nectar-v0.11.tgz|}}| <html><ul><li>feature: Add GIF support, again based on php-gd</li></ul></html>| + 
-|V 0.12 |never published| <html><ul><li>fix:     Mail attachment, coutesy tontonitch</li></ul></html>| +Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): {{:plugin:nectar-v0.34-1.tgz|}}
-|V 0.20 |never published| <html><ul><li>fix:     Graphs were not being generated correctly in reports</li><li>fix:     Resolve issues time in the past warnings during save</li><li>feature: Create two access levels: Admin and User</li><li>feature: Allow users to create and manage their own reports</li><li>feature: Allow more granular report item drilldown</li><li>feature: Re-introduce graph previews when adding graphs</li><li>feature: Break the Report edit screen into a tabbed view</li><li>feature: Remember the last host template and host when adding graphs</li><li>feature: Support the Tree object in the report</li><li>feature: Support title font size</li><li>feature: Support graph size, type and number of columns</li><li>feature: Support custom css and html wrappers for the reports</li><li>feature: Allow the report name and email subject line to be different</li><li>feature: Add Horizontal Rule element</li><li>feature: Support filter tree and host graphs by regular expression</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.21 |{{:plugin:nectar-v021.tgz|}}| <html><ul><li></li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.22 |{{:plugin:nectar-v022.tgz|}}| <html><ul><li>fix:     some html fixes</li><li>fix:     fixing deprecated functions</li><li>fix:     duplicate report working again</li><li>fix:     some html validation issues fixed</li><li>fix:     correct user level permission issues</li><li>feature: Support Tree Cascade</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.24 |{{:plugin:nectar-v0.24.tgz|}}| <html><ul><li>feature: Allow an administrator to set a preset image type</li><li>feature: Allow control of the maximum e-mail message size</li><li>feature: Place Items on a separate tab</li><li>feature: Allow e-mail send during edit</li><li>feature: Allow adding Graphs to Report from Graph Management</li><li>feature: Display messages during send/save</li><li>feature: Don't allow e-mail sends with insufficient information</li><li>bug: Nectar users could see and send others reports</li><li>bug: If you pointed your browser to nectar.php or nectar_user.php and wern't logged in errors flowed</li><li>bug: Empty branches would attempt to be reported on</li><li>bug: Session variables were not always set</li><li>bug: If the poller interval is not set, don't assume it is.</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.25 |{{:plugin:nectar-v0.25.tgz|}}| <html><ul><li>bug: update procedure for nectar_items failed update</li><li>bug: minor fix for displaying nectar_item columns</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.26 |never published| <html><ul><li>bug: Add button not working as expected if no tab has been selected</li><li>bug: Visual issue in IEx browsers</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.27 |never published| <html><ul><li>compat: Allow proper navigation text generation</li><li>bug: guest user could not view tabs properly</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.28 |never published| <html><ul><li>compat: match cacti 0.8.7g with PIA 2.8</li><li>fix:    wrong time used on Events tab</li><li>fix:     enhanced logging</li><li>feature: switch added to create Lotus Notes (tmcompatible inline attachments</li><li>featureadd ability to attach graphics as inline or pure attachment</li><li>feature: support logging level that applies to NECTAR only</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.29 |{{:plugin:nectar-v0.29.tgz|}}| <html><ul><li>feature: (optionally) add links to the graphs to images posted by email</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.30 |{{:plugin:nectar-v0.30.tgz|}}| <html><ul><li>fix:     invalid call to not-initialized $config variable (courtesy Tom Vrugt)</li><li>fix:     invalid SERVER_NAME when running in batch, rendering links unusable</li><li>fix:     typo in variable name for attachments</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.31 |never published| <html><ul><li>fix:     use report name as default title (courtesy Tom Vrugt)</li><li>fix:     When using a link, don't include a border</li><li>feature: Set default for subject, e-mail address and from name</li><li>fix:     The root of a tree would often not render properly</li><li>fix:     Empty Tree Leaves would generate empty table rows</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.32 |{{:plugin:nectar-v0.32-1.tgz|}}| <html><ul><li>fix    numerous typos in the settings page</li><li>fix:     after a failed save, the report date is reported in timestamp format</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.34 |{{:plugin:nectar-v0.34-1.tgz|}}| <html><ul><li>fix:     times should not change when you force sending a report</li><li>fix:     if a fractional send time is specified in the past, make it the next day at the same time</li><li>fix:     if a time in the distant past is used, default to tomorrow at the same time</li><li>fix:     offset makes no sense in current design, removing from the UI and tuning table display</li></ul></html>| +
-|V 0.35 |{{:plugin:nectar-v0.35a.tgz|}}| <html><ul><li>feature: add Bcc capabilities to Nectar</li></ul></html>|+
 ===== Purpose ===== ===== Purpose =====
 +**Please note that this plugin has been merged into the base of Cacti 1.x on GitHub. Older versions of this plugin are maintained here for reference only.**
 This plugin allows you to email graphs on a given and selectable interval This plugin allows you to email graphs on a given and selectable interval

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