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This Plugin sends Graphs and Text to given mail address(es)
2.4+, 2.9 recommended
GPL v2


This plugin can be download here:

Version Download Changes
V 0.11 nectar-v0.11.tgz
  • feature: Add GIF support, again based on php-gd
V 0.12 never published
  • fix: Mail attachment, coutesy tontonitch
V 0.20 never published
  • fix: Graphs were not being generated correctly in reports
  • fix: Resolve issues time in the past warnings during save
  • feature: Create two access levels: Admin and User
  • feature: Allow users to create and manage their own reports
  • feature: Allow more granular report item drilldown
  • feature: Re-introduce graph previews when adding graphs
  • feature: Break the Report edit screen into a tabbed view
  • feature: Remember the last host template and host when adding graphs
  • feature: Support the Tree object in the report
  • feature: Support title font size
  • feature: Support graph size, type and number of columns
  • feature: Support custom css and html wrappers for the reports
  • feature: Allow the report name and email subject line to be different
  • feature: Add Horizontal Rule element
  • feature: Support filter tree and host graphs by regular expression
V 0.21 nectar-v021.tgz
V 0.22 nectar-v022.tgz
  • fix: some html fixes
  • fix: fixing deprecated functions
  • fix: duplicate report working again
  • fix: some html validation issues fixed
  • fix: correct user level permission issues
  • feature: Support Tree Cascade
V 0.24 nectar-v0.24.tgz
  • feature: Allow an administrator to set a preset image type
  • feature: Allow control of the maximum e-mail message size
  • feature: Place Items on a separate tab
  • feature: Allow e-mail send during edit
  • feature: Allow adding Graphs to Report from Graph Management
  • feature: Display messages during send/save
  • feature: Don't allow e-mail sends with insufficient information
  • bug: Nectar users could see and send others reports
  • bug: If you pointed your browser to nectar.php or nectar_user.php and wern't logged in errors flowed
  • bug: Empty branches would attempt to be reported on
  • bug: Session variables were not always set
  • bug: If the poller interval is not set, don't assume it is.
V 0.25 nectar-v0.25.tgz
  • bug: update procedure for nectar_items failed update
  • bug: minor fix for displaying nectar_item columns
V 0.26 never published
  • bug: Add button not working as expected if no tab has been selected
  • bug: Visual issue in IEx browsers
V 0.27 never published
  • compat: Allow proper navigation text generation
  • bug: guest user could not view tabs properly
V 0.28 never published
  • compat: match cacti 0.8.7g with PIA 2.8
  • fix: wrong time used on Events tab
  • fix: enhanced logging
  • feature: switch added to create Lotus Notes (tm) compatible inline attachments
  • feature: add ability to attach graphics as inline or pure attachment
  • feature: support logging level that applies to NECTAR only
V 0.29 nectar-v0.29.tgz
  • feature: (optionally) add links to the graphs to images posted by email
V 0.30 nectar-v0.30.tgz
  • fix: invalid call to not-initialized $config variable (courtesy Tom Vrugt)
  • fix: invalid SERVER_NAME when running in batch, rendering links unusable
  • fix: typo in variable name for attachments
V 0.31 never published
  • fix: use report name as default title (courtesy Tom Vrugt)
  • fix: When using a link, don't include a border
  • feature: Set default for subject, e-mail address and from name
  • fix: The root of a tree would often not render properly
  • fix: Empty Tree Leaves would generate empty table rows
V 0.32 nectar-v0.32-1.tgz
  • fix: numerous typos in the settings page
  • fix: after a failed save, the report date is reported in timestamp format
V 0.34 nectar-v0.34-1.tgz
  • fix: times should not change when you force sending a report
  • fix: if a fractional send time is specified in the past, make it the next day at the same time
  • fix: if a time in the distant past is used, default to tomorrow at the same time
  • fix: offset makes no sense in current design, removing from the UI and tuning table display
V 0.35 nectar-v0.35-1.tgz
  • feature: add Bcc capabilities to Nectar


This plugin allows you to email graphs on a given and selectable interval


  • allow both users and admins to create reports
  • include tree's, text, horizontal rules, and graphs into reports
  • allows filtering of tree and host content on trees by regular expression
  • allow basic formmatting
  • allow custom css and html to be integrated into the reports
  • specify different timespans for graphs
  • schedule reports using different scheduling intervals
  • basic png2jpeg conversion using php-gd, verified with linux only


  • PIA 2.x based installation required
  • NOTE: You must patch the settings plugin using the attached patch
  • NOTE: You must update the ./lib/html_utility.php file if running Cacti versions less than or equal to 0.8.7e


Like any other PIA 2.x plugin.


Nectar provides for creating simple report output. However, in the 'formats' directory, you can include custom html and css files to control the look and feel of the e-mail message.

In the case you choose to include not only css, but wrap the report in html, you must either place a special <REPORT> tag inside the report, or be prepared for the report contents to immediately follow the content of your special file.

The format files must exist in the 'formats' directory and have a 'format' file extension. No other files in this directory will be processed. In addition, they need to include a “Description:” comment line that will be used inside of the Nectar UI to describe the format file.

# Description: Minimal Format
<style type='text/css'>
.report_table {
    align: center;
<table><tr><td>My Report</td></tr></table>

Any image data that you include, must be fully addressable by url as currently Nectar will not process that image data into attachments.

Additional Help?

If you need additional help, please goto There is no specific documentation at this time.

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