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End Device Port Tracker and General Network Toolkit
GPL v2
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Latest: mactrack-v2.9-1.tgz

Archive: mactrack-2.6-1.tgz

Please note that this version is stable. However, it does not come pre-installed with a Device Type Database. If upgrading from a prior release, the Device Type database will be upgraded as well.


  • This plugin scan's network devices and locates and automatically associates MAC addresses with their specific IP Addresses.
  • It also collects and stores network interface information on all network switches. Things such as bandwidth utilization error counters are stored.
  • Additionally, it's a good tool for finding virus' and stolen equipment.
  • It optionally integrates with the ArpWatch tool for those who use ArpWatch in their environment.


  • Scans Devices
  • Finds Macs
  • Associates Macs with their IP's
  • Keeps a Nice Inventory of Port Counts
  • Finds Stolen/Lost PC's
  • Tells You When Someone is Connected Who Shouldn't be


  • Cacti PIA 2.x


  • Simply place in the plugins directory and install like any other PIA 2.x plugin.


  • Coming Soon

Additional Help?


— 2.9 —

  • bug#0001799: Select all checkbox on Mac Addresses tab not working
  • bug#0001723: Can't import devices
  • bug#0001751: Multiple ignore ports for Extreme Network switch
  • bug#0001777: MacTrack MacAuth Filters not working
  • bug#0001779: Site IP Range Report View
  • bug#0001841: Mactrack ARP table unreadable
  • bug: Saving an edited site redirects to blank page

— 2.8 —

  • compat: Allow proper navigation text generation
  • bug: Guest user could not access site

— 2.7 —

  • bug#0001742: PHP error () in lib/mactrack_extreme.php
  • bug#0001743: DEBUG: Authorized MAC ID: empty
  • bug: Correcting SNMPv3 and Cisco support
  • bug: Importing OUIDB broken with redefine function error
  • bug: Exporting Devices from the Console did not work
  • bug: Lastchange was not displaying correctly

— 2.6 —

  • feature:#0001718: New get_arp_table function for Extreme Networks devices
  • bug#0001665: New line missing when printing Cisco device stats
  • bug#0001668: Mactrack sometimes shows “No results found” when results are shown
  • bug#0001670: spikekill and mactrack JS functions clash stateChanged and getfromserver
  • bug#0001677: index initialization errors (courtesy toe_cutter)
  • bug#0001677: unintended overwrite of non-synced devices (courtesy toe_cutter)
  • bug#0001717: Ip addresses range report a false value
  • bug: Undefined index when paging through interfaces
  • bug: Graph View still being called for one class of graphs incorrectly
  • bug: With Scan Date set to 'All' rows counter was not correct for matches
  • bug: When viewing IP's, device filter not operable

— 2.5 —

  • bug#0001677: Undefined indexes
  • bug: Undefined index reports in mactrak_view_graphs.php
  • bug: Small visual issue with Site Details
  • bug: Interfaces table not being created during upgrade
  • feature: Portname search filter courtesy KAA and gthe

— 2.4 —

  • bug: 0001546: mactrack_view_devices does not display the proper page numbers
  • bug: 0001545: mactrack_scanner does not complete successfully for some hosts
  • bug: 0001547: mactrack_view_sites does not show page numbers
  • bug: 0001548: mactrack_view_macs various issues
  • bug: IEEE Database import runs out of memory
  • bug: Correct uninitialized error in mactrack_hp.php
  • bug: Resolved issue where Vendor Mac was lost during resolver process
  • bug: fix syntax of cacti_snmp_* calls
  • feature: 0001638: Allow Interface Data to Be “Scaned” on Demand from the WebUI Similar to Scanner
  • feature: 0001637: Enable Site Level Scanning Through the UI and Using Ajax
  • feature: Adding support for ArpWatch
  • feature: Adding Juniper Support
  • feature: Support Foundry Dual Mode Ports
  • feature: Implement MacWatch in code. E-Mailing now.
  • feature: Adding significant content to the mac_track_interfaces table
  • feature: Implement MacAuth functionality and periodic reports
  • feature: Implement Interfaces tab to MacTrack
  • feature: Aggregated ports patch from Gthe!
  • feature: Linux and DLink Scanners from Gthe!
  • feature: add all device SNMP options to mac_track_devices
  • feature: add full SNMP V3 support
  • feature: deprecate readstrings; maintain “SNMP Option Sets” in favour of them
  • feature: some Enterasys scanning functions (N7, C2, C3)
  • feature: import cacti devices into mac_track_devices (new action hook for host.php)
  • feature: optionally sync SNMP settings of mac_track_devices and cacti device, governed by a config setting (defaulting to “none”) to allow either a) mactrack → host (when scanning) or b) host → mactrack updates (when manually updating the host)
  • feature: allow for “connecting” existing mactrack devices to cacti devices (via hostname, new action for mactrack_devices.php)
  • feature: copy snmp settings from cacti devices to mactrack devices (via host_id connection, new action for mactrack_devices.php)
  • feature: Allow mapping of Cacti graphs to MacTrack
  • feature: Add columns for AutoNegotiation - Implementation TBD

— 1.1 —

  • First Official Release

— 0.1 —

  • Initial Release! Oh, so long ago


  • Add AutoNegotiation Information to the Interfaces Table
  • Complete the SSH/Telnet Integration using the Remote Plugin
  • Track devices on Cisco etherchannel interfaces
  • Allow User to Select and Interface and See Additional Details
  • Expose Duplex Through the UI
  • For device types, define XML templates that define a device monitoring dashboard portlet layout
  • Allow Enabling/Disabling of Ports for Authorized Users


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