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Cacti Data Source Statistics Plugin
GPL v2



This plugin is designed to allow Cacti plugin developers the architecture to graph a larger variety of data, as well as to support a whole new class of graph types.

From the data provided by this plugin, the following graph concepts can be implented:

  1. Show top ten hosts by cpu utilization
  2. Show the average load average for a rack of hardware
  3. Show the most utilized set of remote access links in a city or state
  4. Show the total network traffic in a data center
  5. Show the average cpu temperature in a rack of equipment
  6. Create a set of rules that define a poorly performing host and display that in a dashboard

It enables all these possibilities and more. I will leave it to the plugin developer to figure out how. This plugin provides simply the framework to extend Cacti and not the GUI that makes managers happy.


  • Simply, Tracks Average and Peak values for all Data Sources for the following time periods: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • It currently maintains the current average and peak values, you still need to goto the RRDFile, or the graph, if you wish to see anything other than last peak and average from an RRDfile.


Before you install DSStats, you need to have met the following pre-requisites:

  1. Cacti 0.8.7e and above.
  2. Cacti Plugin Architecture v2.5
  3. MySQL 5.0 or above. Versions of MySQL less than 5.0 are not supported.
  4. Have quite a bit of system memory available to hold your memory resident database.
  5. If running Boost, you must be at the yet to be released Boost 2.5 or above.


Install is similar to other plugins with the following notes:

  1. untar files into the Plugins directory like any other Cacti plugin.
  2. Go to Plugin Management and Install the Plugin
  3. Go to Settings and Make sure you are famiar with how it works.
  4. Go back to Plugin Management and Enable the Plugin.
  5. Write your extensions to Cacti to utilize this data.

Additional Help?

If you need additional help, please go to

Possible Bugs?

If find a problem, or figure out how to do this better, let us know!!!

Special Thanks

The Cacti Community that drives us to achieve more every day.

Future Changes

Got any ideas or complaints, please see the forums


— 1.4 —

  • compat: Allow less memory to be reserved to comply with new modules in php5.

— 1.3 —

  • feature: Support upto 62 Data Sources in an RRDfile
  • compat: Don't override Cacti log level

— 1.2 —

  • compat: Make the error handler not require PHP 5.2
  • compat: Remove PIA 1.x support
  • Feature: Better support for Data Sources with Mixed Case

— 1.1 —

  • Feature: Enhanced to allow all previous last values to be stored for use by other plugins.

— 1.0 —

  • Initial release

Known Issues

None reported


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