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Auto Host Discovery
GPL v2

Please note that this plugin has been merged into the base of Cacti 1.x on GitHub. Older versions of this plugin are maintained here for reference only.


Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): discovery-v1.5-1.tgz


Please note that this plugin has been merged into the base of Cacti 1.x on GitHub. Older versions of this plugin are maintained here for reference only.

This plugin adds the ability to auto-discover devices on a subnet that are not monitored by Cacti and and tells you if they are SNMP enabled.


  • Host Filter
  • Displays Host Status
  • Displays DNS Name
  • Displays SNMP Status and Information
  • Link to add device to Cacti.
  • Allows Discovery Templates to allow auto-creating graphs and adding the device to Cacti


— 1.5 —

  • compat: Add compatibility for 0.8.7i

— 1.4 —

  • feature: Support for Ugroup Plugin

— 1.3 —

  • bug: Do not add a host to the list if its discovered as more than one IP
  • security: dont let findhosts run from the web server
  • bug: Table plugin_db_changes exploding

— 1.2a —

  • bug: fix for single community name

— 1.2 —

  • feature: add SNMP V3 checks
  • feature: scan SNMP versions in V3 → V2 → V1 order
  • feature: use discovered SNMP community for discovery host table
  • feature: suppress graph and tree creation in case AUTOM8 is present (leave this job to autom8, then)
  • feature: use current (PIA 2.9+) plugin API to detect plugin availability for thold, autom8

— 1.1 —

  • bug: Correct title display of discovery header
  • bug: Use the snmp version and communities from the presets
  • bug: Fix pagination bug

— 1.0 —

  • feature: Change images to buttons
  • feature: Add general header
  • feature: Add tab down behavior
  • feature: Standardize interface
  • feature: Add 10.1.*.1 style IP pseudo nets
  • feature: Make adding 'unknown' by hostname devices easier
  • feature: Ping first not to generate so many timeout errors

— 0.9 —

  • feature: Discovery is now only PA 2.0 compatible

— 0.8.4 —

  • bug: Fix error in 0.8.7 when clicking 'Add'

— 0.8.3 —

  • bug: Fix api_device_save call

— 0.8.2 —

  • compat: Yet even more fixes for Cacti v0.8.7 compatibility
  • bug: Fix issue with Clearing Discovery Results
  • bug: Now requires Cacti v0.8.7

— 0.8.1 —

  • compat: More compatibility fixes for 0.8.7
  • bug: Fix undefined errors when using TCP Ping
  • feature: Create option to rerun Data Queries on current hosts and create graphs for all assigned Templates
  • feature: Create option to only create graphs for interfaces showing as Up

— 0.8 —

  • bug: Fix a bug that didn't allow .0 to be used as a valid address .255 is skipped as PHP does not allow us to ping possible broadcast addresses, even when it might not be one
  • feature: Use new “api_user_realm_auth” from Plugin Architecture
  • compat: Fix compatibility with Cacti 0.8.7

— 0.7 —

  • feature: Added patch to ensure it only creates interface graphs for interfaces that are up
  • feature: Added patch to allow the requerying of a known host (and thus create any new graphs)
  • feature: Add ability to scan subnets specified like
  • feature: Add Discovery Templates and allow auto-creation and insertion of graphs
  • feature: Add some larger polling intervals in the Settings
  • feature: Auto-create thresholds if the thold plugin is being used
  • feature: Compatible with Multiple Polling Intervals (1 Minute Polling)

— 0.6 —

  • bug: Fix timeout problem with the discovery process
  • bug: Fix for the poller not allowing scans to be scheduled in less than 24 hours from now
  • bug: Fix for hostname detection of devices already in Cacti database.
  • feature: Update plugin tab to better resemble the original cacti images
  • feature: Add more filtering options for the results page
  • bug: Fix a bug when viewing multiple pages when your default per page is not 30

— 0.5 —

  • bug#0000043 - Add “Utility” Link to Clear Discovery Results
  • feature#0000039 - Add option for Start Time and Polling Frequency
  • feature: Changed column name in plugin_discover_os table (match to matchstring), but made the plugin backwards compatible with the old column
  • feature: Added command line options to force the polling, show debug output, and to drop and recreate the tables

— 0.4 —

  • bug#0000018: Add option for SNMP Community Names to use, before it was hardcoded with just 'public'.
  • bug: If DNS times out, don't display the current name as 'timed_out'
  • feature#0000012: Add option to allow to display as a Menu item instead of as a Tab
  • bug: Fix display errors for PHP < 4.1.0, $_SERVER variable did not exist
  • feature: Added new column to the database to store the hosts community name
  • feature: Added the ability to use subnets/ranges such as,,,

— 0.3 —

  • bug: Fixed issue with the SQL files and imports and Mysql 3.*
  • bug#0000013: Fix issues with database names with uncommon characters by enclosing in back-ticks.

— 0.2 —

  • feature: Added option for specifying a DNS server
  • feature: Added option to use UDP/TCP/or ICMP for pinging
  • bug: A little code cleanup and fixing

— 0.1 —

  • Initial release


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