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 plugin_nspage:boost plugin_nspage:boost
 author_page:wiki:user:thewitness author_page:wiki:user:thewitness
-description:Large Site Performance Booster for Cacti.  It is merged into Cacti 1.x and therefore deprecated.+description:Large Site Performance Booster for Cacti
 version:N/A version:N/A
 status: core status: core
 date:N/A date:N/A
 license:GPL v2 license:GPL v2
 plugins_tags:rrd plugins_tags:rrd
 ---- ----
 +<note important>**Please note that this plugin has been merged into the base of Cacti 1.x on [[|GitHub.]]  Older versions of this plugin are maintained here for reference only.**</note>
 ===== Download ===== ===== Download =====

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