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This Plugin automates Creation of Graphs and Tree Entries
2.4+, 2.9 recommended
GPL v2


This plugin can be download here:

Version Download Changes
V 0.31 autom8_v031.tgz
  • fix: Move all patches to a cacti-version-dependant sub-directory.
    Add patches for 087e
  • fix: sql fix for create_dq_graphs (courtesy: brylant)
  • fix: creating tree entries for graphs fixed (coutesy: grazog)
  • fix: Tree Rule Items moveup/down fixed
  • feature: logging for adding objects (howie): tracing is flagged with AUTOM8 TRACE (to be removed later). AUTOM8 TRACE is logged at POLLER_VERBOSITY_MEDIUM and higher. Adding objects is flagged AUTOM8 and always logged
V 0.32 never published
  • fix: Some missing includes fixed for logging
  • fix: fix to broken SQL statement
  • fix: filter string was not persistent
V 0.33 autom8-v0.33.tgz
  • fix: index errors (thanks terziyski)
  • fix: no "propagation" flag allowed for host/graph tree items, index error fixed
  • fix: remove deprecated php function calls
  • fix: html formatting errors fixed
  • fix: renaming function calls to make them unique
V 0.34 never published
  • fix: better upgrade procedure
  • fix: unwanted empty list item removed from confirmation screen
  • feature: logging level for AUTOM8 logging under "Settings -> Misc"
  • feature: new filter "NOT REGEXP"
V 0.35 autom8-v0.35.tgz
  • fix: change input type='image' to 'button'
  • fix: some html issues
  • fix: remove unnecessary SQL
  • fix: fix handling of graph items and trees (courtesy David Koski)
  • fix: JS code for tree rule items added to handle closing bracket like graph rule items
  • compat: all required patches for Cacti 087g aggregated in a single patch file
  • feature: allow "( ... ) AND/OR ( ... )" empty fields, operators and patterns


Maintaining a quite decent Cacti installation with lots of devices, graphs and tree items may result in quite a huge amount of administrative work.

Using the cli scripts allows you to write your own scripts to e.g. create Cacti device entries, graphs, tree items and more. This helps e.g. interfacing a CMDB or some other repository that holds information about devices that shall be monitored.


  1. create new graphs automatically
  2. create new tree entries automatically
  3. Rules are executed in following cases:
    1. a cli script is called (e.g. add_device.php, add_graph.php, …)
    2. a Re-Index is performed on a Data Query. This includes poller_reindex_hosts.php
    3. A new Host is created. In this case, Rules for _ALL_ associated Data Queries are executed one after the other
  4. Simple Graph Templates will be evaluated to create those graphs in any event.


Before you install AUTOM8, you need to have met the following pre-requisites:

  1. Cacti 0.8.7x using Plugin Architecture V2.x. Tested using PIA 2.4
  2. Install all patches provided with this plugin:
    1. cli.patch
    2. lib_api_automation_tools.php.patch
    3. lib_api_tree.php.patch
    4. host.php.patch
    5. lib_api_device.php.patch
    6. lib_data_query.php.patch

To do so, please go to main Cacti directory. Then, please run

       patch -p1 -N --dry-run < plugins/autom8/<version>/cli.patch

If everything looks fine, omit the –dry-run

       patch -p1 -N < plugins/autom8/<version>/cli.patch

Do this for all patch files. <version> is either “patches-087d”, “patches-087e” or “patches-087g”.
When using Plugin Architecture 2.9 there's no need for patching. This procedure will as well be obsolete with Cacti 088.


Install prereqs. Gunzip and untar as usual. See Installation Manual for in-depth description of everything.


Please find a full featured 30 page manual attached as a pdf: Automate Manual (as of v0.35). This manual is as well part of the downloadable code!

Additional Help?

If you need additional help, please goto

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Default Graph Rules provided by this Plugin as an Example

Graph Rule

The Plugin provides means to test the rules

Matching Hosts

Default Tree Rule

Tree Rule

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