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 plugin_nspage:aggregate plugin_nspage:aggregate
 author_page:wiki:user:gandalf author_page:wiki:user:gandalf
-description: This plugin aggregates graphs from Graph Management.  It is merged into Cacti 1.x. +description: This plugin aggregates graphs from Graph Management 
-version:1.10 +version:N/A 
-status:deprecated +status:core 
-pia_version:2.8 +cacti_version:N/A 
-cacti_version:0.8.8 +date:N/A
-homepage_url: +
-date: 2010-09-18 +
 license:GPL v2 license:GPL v2
 plugins_tags:graph plugins_tags:graph
 ---- ----
 +<note important>**Please note that this plugin has been merged into the base of Cacti 1.x on [[|GitHub.]]  Older versions of this plugin are maintained here for reference only.**</note>
 ===== Download ===== ===== Download =====
-^Version^File^Changelog^Documentation^ +Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): {{:plugin:aggregate-v1.10.tgz|Version 1.10}}
-|0.70 B2|{{:plugin:aggregate-070b2.tgz|Version 0.70 B2}}| **Feature**: Support for Totalling, either for //similar// or //all// data sources.\\ This feature will automatically create any needed CDEF by replacing CURRENT_DATA_SOURCE by either SIMILAR_DATA_SOURCES_NODUPS or ALL_DATA_SOURCES_NODUPS. But it first searches for any existing CDEF that matches! Those autocreated CDEFs will be named //AGGREGATE SIMILAR <old CDEF name>// or //AGGREGATE ALL <old CDEF name>//\\ **Feature**: Allow for all %%|host_*|%% variables in AGGREGATE graph items\\ **Feature**: remove unwanted %%|query_*|%% and %%|host_*|%% stuff from graph titles, not making sense on AGGREGATES, e.g. //%%Aggregate |host_description| - Traffic - |query_ifName|%%// will turn to //Aggregate - Traffic//. This will be displayed before graph is created.\\ **Feature**: Do not ask for <HR> settings, compute them!\\ If an item with <HR> is skipped, set <HR> on previous item. Always set <HR> on last item of graph, so next graph starts "fresh"\\ **Bug Fix**: "Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated"\\ is a PHP5 compatibility issue. \\ Error Handler was changed to cope with this \\ **Bug Fix**: Cleanup of code for creating the main graph structures\\ **Bug Fix**: If Graphs based on different Graph Templates are used, drop an error e.g. aggregating \\ - standard traffic\\ - 95th percentile\\ - bandwidth traffic\\ will result in weird graphs. We will dop an error here,  advising, that a single graph template is required for aggregation (To complete error handling, graphs.php needs a change)\\ **Tweak**: Split up setup.php code. It contains plugin stuff only, now Aggregate functions have been moved to aggregate.php\\ **Tweak**: Input Field Validation reworked\\ **Tweak**: Form Layout now matches standard Cacti Form Layout | | +
-|0.71   | {{:plugin:aggregate:aggregate-latest.tgz|Version 0.71}}|**Bug Fix**: setup.php throws errors due to missing table keys\\ **Bug Fix**: Allow "/" in title, e.g. for "/dev/sda1"\\ **Bug Fix**: Disconnect aggregate graph items from graph template items, thus avoiding messing up aggregates when changing the "base" graph template | | +
-|0.73   | {{:plugin:aggregate-v0.73.tgz|Version 0.73}}|**Bug Fix**: pass graph actions to next plugin in queue\\ **Bug Fix**: lot of html cleanup\\ **Feature**: Support sort order, especially required if base graph is AREA/STACK type | {{:plugin:aggregate_manual_v0.73.pdf|PDF: Complete Howto}} | +
-|0.74   | {{:plugin:aggregate-v0.74.tgz|Version 0.74}}|**Bug Fix**: color templates were broken\\ **Bug Fix**: formatting of elements on the confirmation page fixed (unordered list)\\ **Feature**enhanced upgrade procedure will smoothly upgrade without loosing existing color templates | | +
-|0.75   | {{:plugin:aggregate-v0.75.tgz|Version 0.75}}|**Bug Fix**: better index checking for color items\\ **Bug Fix**: html validation errors fixed\\ **Bug Fix**: xss vulnerabilities fixed\\ **Compat**:  use buttons on action confirmation\\ **Compat**:  compatibility with PIA 2.8\\ **Feature**: Allow colors to rotate\\ **Feature**: "Total only" implemented\\ **Feature**: convert to all available LINEx graph item types\\ **Feature**: custom prefix on total GPRINTs\\ **Feature**: much more sophisticated graph item type conversion\\ **Feature**: support for %%|query_*|%% substitution on data query graphs | {{:plugin:aggregate_manual_v075.pdf|PDF: Complete HowTo, including lots of examples}} |+
 +Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): {{:plugin:aggregate-v0.75.tgz|Version 0.75}}
 +Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): {{:plugin:aggregate-v0.74.tgz|Version 0.74}}
 +Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): {{:plugin:aggregate-v0.73.tgz|Version 0.73}}
 +Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): {{:plugin:aggregate:aggregate-latest.tgz|Version 0.71}}
 +Archive (Cacti 0.8.8): {{:plugin:aggregate-070b2.tgz|Version 0.70 B2}}
 +Manual for pre 1.x Versions: {{:plugin:aggregate_manual_v075.pdf|PDF: Complete HowTo, including lots of examples}}
 ===== Purpose ===== ===== Purpose =====
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 ===== Prerequisites ===== ===== Prerequisites =====
-    - Cacti 0.8.6i or Above.  Versions of Cacti prior to 0.8.6 are not supported. +This plugin is now in the core of Cacti 1.x.  If you wish to use version 1.10, please refer to the README in that archive version It works fine with Cacti 0.8.8b and above.
-    - Cacti 0.8.6x versions requires Plugin Architecture V1.1. +
-    - Cacti 0.8.7x requires Plugin Architecture V2.x. +
-    - latest AGGREGATE v0.75 tested with Cacti 0.8.7g and PIA 2.8 only+
 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
-     * Cacti 0.8.6x / Plugin Architecture 1.1:\\ Please change **./include/config.php** to add this plugin as usual +Just like any other plugin, just copy into the plugins directory, install and enable.
-     * Cacti 0.8.7x / Plugin Architecture V2.x:\\ Please use **Plugin Management** to install and enable the plugin     +
- +
-Accessing AGGREGATE Color Templates must be enabled on a per-user-base from User Management +
- +
-Using the Aggregate function is granted to all users having Console access. +
 ===== Usage ===== ===== Usage =====
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 ===== Additional Help? ===== ===== Additional Help? =====
-If you need additional help, please goto  * If you need additional help, please goto
 ===== Possible Bugs? ===== ===== Possible Bugs? =====
-If you figure out this problem, let me know!!!+  * Please refer to the on GitHub
 ===== Screenshots ===== ===== Screenshots =====

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