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Using Templates

Using a Host Template

Surely, you want to see this Host Template in action. This was already described in My First Graph, where we took the ucd/net SNMP Host as a Host Template.

So please select a Host, that is already defined to cacti:

Host Template Usage 1

and Save. Then scroll down to see the Assoiated Graph Template and the Associated Data Query:

Host Template Usage 2

Now select Create Graphs for this Host from the top of the page. You'll be presented with a new page to select the wanted Graphs:

Host Template Usage 3

Select our new UDP thingy and some Traffic Graph Template for an interesting interface and Create. The result is displayed with the next page:

Host Template Usage 4

You'll have to wait for two polling cycles for data to be filled.

Using Graph Templates

It is possible, only to use the Graph Template created above. It is not necessary to associate a Host Template to get the new UDP stuff. As an example, please select an arbitrary device, that responds to SNMP requests for UDP (see: My first data Template) from the Device list. Scroll down to the Associated Graph Templates section and select the UDP Traffic Graph Template

Graph Template Usage 1

and Add:

Graph Template Usage 2

Again, Select Graphs for this Host:

Graph Template Usage 3

and Create:

Graph Template Usage 4

Please notice, that not only a creation message appears. The Graph Template just selected is grayed out, the checkbox disappeared. This is to make clear, what Graph Templates already were chosen to prevent unwanted duplication.

Please select Edit this Host again, to see what changed in the Associated Graph Templates section:

Graph Template Usage 5

The Status of this Graph Template has changed to Is Being Graphed. You may Edit to jump to Graph Management and see your graph:

Graph Template Usage 6

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