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Cacti 1.0 Plugin Architecture (PIA)

Cacti 1.0 includes the Plugin Architecture. Therefore, you no longer need to install it separately. The Plugin Architecture for Cacti is designed to be both simple and robust enough to allow freedom to extend Cacti for just about any business function.

Installing Plugins

There are a few repositories that include Cacti Plugins. Official Cacti Plugins have been moved to Github. You can find them there Cacti Github Repository. You can also find several Cacti plugins both on the Cacti Documentation site, and main website. It's likely many of these plugins are NOT compatible with Cacti 1.0. The Plugins Repository and the Forums provide a huge list of plugins. Many of them are maintained by Cacti core developers; others are provided by different users.

All plugin authors are asked to upgrade the Cacti 1.0 UI design which includes an update GUI API and Internationalization features.

Cacti 1.0 plugins are installed into a Cacti folder called 'plugins'. In this folder, the plugin name will match the directory name. If you download a plugin from the Github repository called plugin_thold, you will copy the contents of that folder to the 'plugins' directory, with the folder name 'thold'. So, it's important to strip the 'plugin_' from the Github download. You can then then install and enable the plugin from Cacti's Plugin Management page. The procedure is fairly strait forward.


A few plugins will require their own little tweaks or configuration changes to complete the installation of the Plugin. These are outside the scope of this document, as you will need to consult the individual documentation of the Plugin. But if you are stuck and can not locate the specific configuration options for a Plugin, you might try looking at the Settings link in the Console to see if any new options were added.


Removing a plugin is very simple. You simply click the 'Uninstall' icon on the Plugin Management page, and answer questions if they are provided.

Managing Plugins

The Plugin Architecture's Management interface may not be eanbled for all user. It is governed by a realm permission for each user or group. To provide access to Plugin Management, please visit User Management or User Group Management and select the user or group in question. The Permissions tab will show up like Realm Permission

You may not have all the plugins listed in this image. But please make sure to have Plugin Management checked. After saving, you will find Plugin Management underneath Configuration: Plugin Management

Selecting this new console menu item may look like: Using Plugin Management

Hitting the icons to the left will allow you to install (blue icon), enable (green icon), disable (red square) or uninstall (red circle) a plugin. You may change the load order by first selecting the column heading Load Order and then moving plugins around using the blue arrows. You can't move around System plugins.

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