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 +==== Install Net-SNMP ====
 +<note>If you plan to use any hosts with SNMP v3 support, you must install the Net-SNMP binaries, since the PHP SNMP extension does not handle SNMPv3.  You do **NOT** need to install/use the Net-SNMP SNMP agent. The Microsoft SNMP agent is recommended.  The Net-SNMP binaries are useful when creating custom scripts, as they provide an easy way to query SNMP data from devices.</note>
 +  - Download from [[|]]
 +  - Run the installer:
 +    - Select the Net-SNMP agent service **With Windows Extension DLL Support**
 +    - Uncheck **Net-SNMP Trap Service**
 +    - Uncheck **Perl SNMP Modules**
 +    - Select **Encryption support**
 +    - Specify Destination Folder: **C:\Net-SNMP\**
 +=== Validate ===
 +  - From a command prompt run:<code>
 +  If there are no errors, it's properly installed.

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