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 +==== Install Cygwin ====
 +Cygwin is not required for Cacti. However, if you use Cygwin or programs which depend upon it, then it's best to leave it installed to co-exist with Spine. Otherwise there will be different versions of Cygwin dlls left on the system which can cause conflicts.
 +  - Download Cygwin setup.exe from [[|]]
 +  - Run setup.exe.
 +  - Once you reach the portion of setup entitled **Select Packages**, install the following:<code>
 +Base (include all items)
 +   libart_lgpl
 +   libfreetype26
 +   libpng12
 +   zlib
 +   openssl
 +   patch
 +   wget
 +  - Move setup.exe to C:\cygwin\ for future use.
 +=== Configure ===
 +  - Add "C:\cygwin\bin" to the Windows System PATH environment variable.

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