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 +==== (Optional) Install and Configure Spine ====
 +Spine is a very fast poller engine, written in C. It is an optional replacement for cmd.php. If you decide to use it, you will have to install it explicitely. It does not come with cacti itself.
 +The easiest way is to install Spine using rpm or ports. You will find packages for Spine at the main cacti site or from your distribution.
 +To compile Spine, please download it to any location of your liking. 
 +You will require some packages, for Fedora e.g.
 +  - net-snmp-devel
 +  - mysql-devel
 +  - openssl-devel
 +and the toolchain
 +  - dos2unix
 +  - autoconf
 +  - automake
 +  - binutils
 +  - libtool
 +  - gcc
 +  - cpp
 +  - glibc-headers
 +  - kernel-headers
 +  - glibc-devel
 +Don't forget to check the official patch download directory and install the patches listed there. To do so, you will require the packages
 +  - wget
 +  - patch
 +To ease the pre-compilation process, a file //bootstrap// is provided. So, please issue from the downloaded directory following commands
 +shell>sh bootstrap
 +shell>make install
 +"make install" has to be run as root.
 +Assuming, you've managed to install Spine correctly, you will have to configure it. The configuration file may be placed in the same directory as Spine itself or at /etc/Spine.conf.
 +DB_Host or hostname (not localhost)
 +DB_Database cacti
 +DB_User cactiuser
 +DB_Pass         cacti
 +DB_Port 3306
 +All other pre 0.8.6 settings are obsolete.
 +With spine087g, there's a new option to run in compat mode when using Cacti pre-087g. It's called
 +DB_PreG         0
 +Set it to //0// when using cacti087g. Else, set it to //1//.

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