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 +====== RRDTool ======
 +[[|RRDtool is the OpenSource industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data.]] It was created by Tobias Oetiker and is still very actively supported. Find [[|documentation]] and [[|tutorials]] to learn about features and parameters. RRDTool is one of the building blocks of Cacti. It stores all performance data for graphing with Cacti.
 +This chapter shows some information about specific rrdtool features that are not covered in other chapters. Even when not using Cacti (yet), you may find it helpful for a better understanding.
 +===== RRD Files =====
 +The rrd files are designed to never grow in space, even if you constantly feed data to them. How come? There's a buitin compression feature; rrdtool calls this //consolidation//. Read on to understand this better.
 +By default, a rrd file holds more than one consolidation level. The initial layout, defined when creating the file using //rrdtool create//, is such (courtesy engeishi):
 +{{:manual:087:rra_period.png|Default Consolidation Levels}}

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