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Install Spine

As of 0.8.8b, the Cacti Group no longer provides compiled Spine binaries.

Install Cygwin

  1. Download either the x86 or x64 setup from
  2. Run the Cygwin setup
    1. Select Install from Internet
    2. Select Root Directory: C:\cygwin
    3. Select a local package directory. I'd suggest a temporary folder like C:\temp\cygwin\
    4. Specify your Internet connection
    5. Select a mirror
    6. On the Package Selection screen, enable the following (TIP: use the search!):
      1. autoconf
      2. automake
      3. gcc-core
      4. gzip
      5. libtool
      6. make
      7. net-snmp-devel
      8. m4
      9. libmysqlclient-devel
      10. libmysqlclient
      11. openssl-devel
      12. dos2unix
      13. wget
    7. Wait for the installation to complete. Move the cygwin setup to the C:\cygwin\ folder for future usage.

Download Source Code

  1. Download from
  2. Extract the Spine zip file contents into C:\Cygwin\usr\src\<spineversion>.


  1. Open Cygwin shell prompt (C:\Cygwin\cygwin.bat) and brace yourself to use unix commands on windows.
  2. Change directory to the spine source code: cd /usr/src/cacti-spine-0.8.8c
  3. Run bootstrap to prepare Spine for compilation: ./bootstrap
  4. Follow the instruction which bootstrap will output if all is good to go.
  5. Wait for the compile to complete.


  1. Make a copy of C:\Cygwin\usr\local\spine\etc\spine.conf.dist, rename it to spine.conf, and move to C:\Cygwin\usr\local\spine\bin\.
  2. Edit spine.conf:
DB_Host or hostname (not localhost)
DB_Database   cacti
DB_User       cactiuser
DB_Password   cacti
DB_Port       3306
  1. Open a Windows Command Prompt
  2. Ensure that Spine runs well by executing: C:\Cygwin\usr\local\spine\bin\spine.exe -R -S -V 3
  3. In Cacti Settings → Poller, update the path to Spine and switch the Poller Type to Spine.
  4. If all is good Spine will be run from the poller in place of cmd.php.

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