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Install MySQL

  1. Download the latest generally available MSI Installer from -
  2. Install MySQL using the Typical setup.
  3. Launch the MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard
    1. Select Detailed Configuration
    2. Select Server Machine
    3. Select Non-Transactional Database Only
    4. Select Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
    5. Enable firewall exception for the port
    6. Disable SQL Strict Mode
    7. Select the correct character set for the region.
    8. Select Install As Windows Service
    9. Set a root password
  4. Edit \my.ini file
  5. Verify sql-mode is not defined. If so, comment it out.
  6. Verify the MySQL service is started.
  7. Set a password for the root user (if not set already during MySQL installation)
    c:\> mysqladmin --user=root password somepassword
    c:\> mysqladmin --user=root --password reload

Configure Cacti

  1. Create the MySQL database:
    c:\> mysqladmin --user=root --password create cacti
  2. Import the default Cacti database:
    c:\> mysql --user=root --password cacti < c:\apache2\htdocs\cacti\cacti.sql

Note: If you get any errors during this phase, you likely have sql-strict mode enabled or something else misconfigured in my.ini!

  1. Create a MySQL username and password for Cacti.
    c:\> mysql --user=root --password mysql
    mysql> GRANT ALL ON cacti.* TO [email protected] IDENTIFIED BY 'cactipw';
    mysql> flush privileges;

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