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Start System Services

Cacti requires the following system services (daemons) to be started.

  • crond
    starts cacti polling
  • mysqld
    stores all administrative data for cacti
  • httpd
    provides the cacti web interface
  • snmpd (optional)
    on the local server is required to poll its snmp based performance data

You should ensure, that on a system restart, those services are restarted as well. System start procedures are under heavy development these days. We have SysV init scripts, upstart and systemd. So things may change …

This example assumes that we're dealing with the httpd web service. Please apply the same procedure to all services above.

Here's how to start httpd as a service. Make sure, that httpd is listed as a service by issuing

chkconfig --list|grep httpd

Activate httpd by

chkconfig httpd on

to find sth like

chkconfig --list|grep httpd
httpd          	0:Off	1:Off	2:On	3:On	4:On	5:On	6:Off

Now start the service via

service httpd start

Verify via

service httpd status

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