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 ===== Database Design ===== ===== Database Design =====
-The database design as of Cacti 087e is attached as PDF: +The database design as of Cacti 087i is attached as PDF: 
-{{:manual:087:db_design_cacti087e.pdf|Cacti 0.8.7e Database Design}}+{{:manual:087:cacti_database_schema_0.8.7i.pdf|Cacti 0.8.7i Database Design}} 
 +For those, who are using [[|phpMyAdmin]], here's a file to import relations into the [[|Designer]]. This allows you to follow the relations when viewing the Cacti database from within phpMyAdmin {{:manual:087:phpmyadmin-cacti.sql.gz|Gzipped Designer SQL}}. This assumes, that your Cacti database is named //cacti//.

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