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 +==== Copy a User ====
 +{{|Copy a User Part 1}}
 +To copy a user to a new user, select the //User Management// item under the //Utilities// heading on the Cacti menu. Once at the user management screen, select the user you would like to copy from and select copy from the //Action// Selection box, click //Go// to continue.  If you select multiple users, only the first selected user will be used as the source user.
 +{{|Copy a User Part 2}}
 +Specify the //New Username//, //New Full Name// and //New Realm// of the new user.  Click //Yes// to copy the selected template user to the the designated new user.  An error will be returned if you attempt to copy over an existing user.  If you would like to copy over an existing user, use //Batch Copy//.

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