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 ==== Install Spine ==== ==== Install Spine ====
-  - Extract the Spine zip file to "c:\cacti" and modify the "spine.conf.dist" file to include the following statements.<code>+  - Extract the Spine zip file to "c:\spine"
 +  - Make a copy of spine.conf.dist and rename it to spine.conf. 
 +  - Edit spine.conf: 
 DB_Host or hostname (not localhost) DB_Host or hostname (not localhost)
 DB_Database   cacti DB_Database   cacti
Line 7: Line 10:
 DB_Password   cacti DB_Password   cacti
 DB_Port       3306 DB_Port       3306
-</code>All other pre 0.8.6 settings are obsolete. +</code> 
-  - Spine now comes with a binary distribution. However, we strongly suggest that you install Cygwin and then remove all the DLL files and "sh.exe" from the "c:\cacti" directory.+  *All other pre 0.8.6 settings are obsolete. 
 +  *If you installed Cygwinthen remove all other dll/exe files that came with the Spine distribution. Otherwise there will be dll version conflicts.

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