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Install Net-SNMP

If PHP 5.2 or later is not installed, then Net-SNMP should be installed. If you plan to use any hosts with SNMP v3 support, you must install the Net-SNMP binaries, since the PHP SNMP extension does not handle SNMPv3. You do NOT need to install/use the Net-SNMP SNMP agent. The Microsoft SNMP agent is recommended. The Net-SNMP binaries are useful when creating custom scripts, as they provide an easy way to query SNMP data from devices.

Net-SNMP provides installers to install their product. However, caution must be taken if you choose to use long file names as Cacti does not them as long file names. You will have to user 8.3 notation. For example “c:\Program Files\Net-SNMP\bin” becomes “c:\progra~1\net-snmp\bin”.

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