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Supported Scripts

User Scripts

dnsresponsetimepingScript and template to monitor and graph DNS server response latency.1.0.02009-12-09wayne_andersondns, latency, dig, Net::DNS
optimize_databaseoptimize all Cacti tables having unused space1.12012-07-30gandalfmysql, table, optimize, database
provisioning_from_csvThis package provide tools to help users creating devices into cacti.1.02011/06/08SFRGPLv2provisioning, cli
sockets_pipes_filesLinux - Simple script for capturing key problem indicators: Open file, pipes, and TCP/UDP/Unix sockets1.010/2010Scott McCartylinux, sockets, pipes, files
ss4200-eSet of scripts (and associated templates) to query an SS4200-E.0.0.12009-12-16wayne_andersonss4200-e, nas, intel
ss_lb2cactiscript for getting real and virtual server statistics from load balancer CISCO ACE 47101.0November 11 2010Massimo Beniniload balancer, cisco
tree_item_remove_orphansremove orphaned tree header items1.02012-02-10gandalftree, remove

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