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Host Templates

To create a new host template in Cacti, select the Host Templates option under the Templates heading. Once on that screen, click Add on the right. Type a unique name for the host template and click the Create button. You will be redirected back to the edit page with the Associated Graph Templates and Associated Data Queries boxes. These two boxes allow you to associate certain graph templates or data queries with the host template. Simply select something from the dropdown menu and click Add to associate it with your host template.

Figure 11-3. Adding a Host Template

Add a Host Template

Walkthrough: My First Host Template

The next task is creating a new Host Template. Switch over to Host Templates and Add:

Host Template Add

and fill in the name of this new Template:

Host Template New

Now you'll find two sections added. First, let's deal with Associated Graph Templates. The Add Graph template select box holds all defined Graph Templates. Select the one we've just created

Host Template New Graph Template

and Add it:

Host Template New Graph Template Added

Next, let's add the Data Query already selected above:

Host Template New Data Query

Now, Save your work.

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