Upgrading Cacti Under UNIX Compatible Operating Systems

To upgrade Cacti under UNIX style operating systems is very strait forward. To upgrade Cacti on Windows, you should use the instructions in the Link below:

Upgrading in Windows

Before you begin, generally both your Apache/NGINX and your Crontab or systemd based pollers should run as the same account. In most Linux operating systems these days, that'll be the apache account. Under SLES, it'll be www-run. For this guide, we will use the apache account but please keep this in mind before starting.

  1. Backup the old Cacti database.

    shell> mysqldump -l --add-drop-table --lock-tables=false cacti > mysql.cacti

    NOTE: You will probably have to specify the -u and -p flags for the MySQL username and password. This user must have permission to read from Cacti's database or you will end up with an empty backup.

  2. Backup the old Cacti directory with the exception of the RRDfiles which should not need backup.

    shell> tar --exclude=*.rrd -zcf cacti_backup_YYYYMMDD.tgz cacti
  3. Extract the distribution tarball.

    shell> tar -xzvf cacti-version.tar.gz
  4. Copy the distribution tarball over the existing installation.

    shell> /bin/cp -rpf cacti-version cacti
  5. Set the appropriate permissions on Cacti's directories for graph/log generation. You should execute these commands from inside Cacti's directory to change the permissions.

    shell> chown -R apache:apache rra/ log/

    (Enter a valid username for cactiuser, this user will also be used in the next step for data gathering.)

  6. If you are using the optional feature Performance > Image Caching, or Realtime Graphing, then recreate the cache folder and correct the permissions.

     shell> mkdir cache
     shell> chown -R apache:apache cache
  7. Point your web browser to:


    Follow the on-screen instructions so your database can be updated to the new version.

NOTE: That starting with Cacti 1.0, all Data Collectors will upgrade themselves automatically within two polling cycles. If for some reason they do not, upgrade them one at a time using the procedure above.

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