Performance Settings (Boost)

The Performance Settings sub-tab in Cacti contains settings that can help improve the life of your Cacti server and significantly increase the live and lower the I/O wait of your Cacti system through caching of RRDfile disk writes.

It will also reduce the number of CPU cores require to render Cacti Graphs due to it's image cache mechanism.

We will explain how these settings work briely in the next two sections. However, there is a more detailed guide in the Advanced Topics. Please refer to that guide as well.

On-demand RRD Update Settings

These are settings to place RRDfile updates into a database table and cache them. Then, on a periodic basis dump those updates to disk at once. This will reduce the overall wear and tear of your disks, and reduce the time periods where disk I/O will be higher. You can see the available settings in the image below.

Boost On-Demand Settings

The settings include:

Image Caching

The Image Caching setting on the Performance sub-tab basically defined where to store time sensitive images caches of your various Cacti Graphs. These Cached images only live for a few minutes, but can be consumed by multiple users simultaneously.

The image of the settings is shown below. They are fairly self explanatory.

Image Caching

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