Mail/Reporting/DNS Settings

This area of Cacti is where you configure core notification settings as well as settings to using alternate DNS' servers associated with certain Cacti plugins.

URL Linking

The URL Linking settings provide the Cacti administrator a URL prefix that will point properly to the main Cacti site for both core Cacti functions and Plugins to create URL for their use. Generally this URL should include the full DNS name of the Cacti server, and the correct protocol, for example HTTPS. The image below show an example of how this might be setup.

PHP Mail Function

Mail Settings

Not only Cacti, but several plugins today are still leveraging Email for end user and administrative notification. Cacti uses the very popular PHP-Mailer 3rd party component to facilitate Email notification service. In this section, you will pick the method that you wish to provide Email notification an it's settings. Cacti actually provides three methods. They include:

In the sections below, we will document each of these options in more details.

Emailing Options

In this section, you specify some general settings around Emailing in general as shown in the image below.

PHP Mail Function

Those settings include:

The next sections will document the various Mail Services

PHP Mail Function

There are no settings for this function. It leverages the Cacti servers mail configuration to send mail notification.

Sendmail Binary

The Sendmail Binary is similar to the PHP Mail Function with the exception that you can specify the sendmail binary path. Cacti actually requires that you include this path.

Sendmail Binary

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

As mentioned before, the SMTP Mail Services provider provides the most options and will be very familiar and easy to use for Cacti Administrators that may not be as familiar with how to configure the Operating System to properly forward mail to their internal Email servers. Popular mail services like Google, Microsoft, etc. are all supported. This is primarily due to the use of the 3rd Party PHP-Mailer plugin within Cacti. The image below shows the various settings for the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) option.


Those options include:

Reporting Presets

Cacti Reporting can generate very large Email attachments. Therefore the Reporting Presets allow you to control the traffic associated with reporting. From here, you can also set presets for the image type and logging. You can see the settings from the image below.

Reporting Presets

Since these settings are strait forward, no further explanation is given here.

DNS Options

The DNS Options allow you to specify a primary and secondary DNS to use for Plugin DNS operations. Many plugins allow you to even use their own DNS Options. For plugins that require Alternate/Non-System DNS settings, see their documentation as to how DNS is setup and used.

The image below shows the two settings.

DNS Options

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