Data Settings

The Cacti Data settings includes settings for gathering statistical data about Cacti's Data Sources and about settings around how Cacti stores it's Round Robin Archives Time Series Databases (TSDB), otherwise known as RRDfiles.

There are presently to sub-sections for these settings.

Data Source Statistics

Cacti has the ability to store peak and average data for all your Data Sources. You can then use that data to easily build dashboards using third party plugins including plugins like Superlinks from Howard Jones.

Below you will find an image of the default settings.

Data Source Statistics

Those settings include:

Data Storage Settings

These settings determine how you store your RRDfiles. This sub-section has two layouts as showing in the images below.

Data Storage Local

The settings above include:

NOTE: If you are migrating from non-structured to structured paths setup, you must run the CLI script to move those files per the updated specification right after making this change.

The RRD Proxy settings below are more involved.

NOTE: It should be noted that although the RRD Proxy is in production at large commercial sites, it continues to not support replication. The author claims that it's 95% complete, but to date, has not completed the last 5%.

Data Storage Proxy

The settings above include:

WARNING: None of the settings below are implemented.

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