Reports User

This section will describe the user view to Cacti's Reports feature.

The Reports User interface allows you to see and manage your own reports. This is unlike the Reports Administration interface that allows you to manage others reports in addition to your own.

The Web Interface

The user of any Report begins on the main Reports tab in Cacti. A screen shot of the Reports tab is shown below.

Reports User Tab

When viewing any Reports from this interface, you will see the following columns:

The actions that you can take on an existing Report as an Administrator include:

Report Editing

When you click the Add button on the right side of the Reports page, or Click on the Report Name of an existing Report, you will be presented with the interface below.

Reports User Edit

This section includes:

The Email Frequency section does not use the same layout as does our Automation Networks. Correcting that is a future project for the team.

The last section of the Report Details is the Email Sender/Receiver section as shown below.

Reports Admin Edit

From here you can set the following columns.

Once you save a new Report additional Tabs will show up. Those tabs are:

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