Navigating the Cacti User Interface

The Cacti User Interface is visually broken into multiple panels. Each major major panel is designed to hold content. Depending on the Cacti Theme you use some of these panel may not be visible at the Theme Developers discretion. The common panels are:

You can see the default Cacti layout with its various panels in the image below. You will note, in this Modern Theme, the Theme Author has decided to dispense with the Footer.

Cacti Layout

In Cacti, when you click on the Top Tab, you will by default enter a completely different section of Cacti. Cacti's Top Taps are Designed to mimic browser tabs, this helps with users orienting themselves to the various sections of Cacti. When you have many Plugins installed as in the example above, you can see clearly the benefit of these navigation aids.

Inside each of these panels, a page can be broken into sub-panels. Two panels customarily broken into sub-panels include the Navigation Area and the Content Area.

In the example below, we show the Device page in Cacti calling out the various sub-panels.

Cacti Layout Subpanels

Most of Cacti's pages are laid out in this fashion. However, what goes into the Cacti Content Area is completely under the Plugin authors control.

At the Theme developers discretion, all pages should include both the Top Tab and Breadcrumb Bar. Inside of the Breadcrumb Bar or Top Tap panels you should always see the User Profile and Menu on the right.

To use Cacti properly, you should first understand these sections. We will start by describing the Cacti Console.

Cacti Core Panels and Sub-Panels

Non-Administrative users, such as the Cacti Guest account should not have access to the Cacti Console. The Cacti Guest account should additionally not have access to their User Profile as that account is shared with many users.

The Cacti Graphs Top Tab

The Cacti Graphs Top Tab is where most Cacti Graphs are viewed. By default, the Cacti Graphs Top Tab includes three distinct views. They include:

In the example Tree View page below, you can see the Tree Navigation Area to the left, and in the Cacti Content Area, you can see the Graphs and a Table Filter area for constraining the list of Graphs returned. You can Search the Tree View from the Search area above the Tree Navigation Area.

Cacti Tree View Page

The Cacti Console

In the image below, you can see a basic Cacti Console menu area. It is divided into separate sub-menus. We will describe the purpose of each next.

Cacti Console

All of these objects types will be explained in subsequent sections of the Cacti documentation. For now, it's important just to know that these pages exist.

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