Template Import

This section will describe Template Import in Cacti.

Template Import files are XML files used to add support for more graph types and different devices that can be shared with others. These template files can either be custom made or you could download them from the community on the cacti forums.

Once you have downloaded the graph/device template you are looking for you will need to import the template into the cacti system. To import a device/graph template go to Console > Import/Export > Import Templates you will now see the below page

Import Template

Important note: When importing the template be sure to match the data source profile with your preferred Data Source Profile.

First you must click on Select File and browse to where the XML file is located on your computer. Cacti will default to preview the import to check for any issues. If none are found, you can select the same file and then untick the preview option to import after which the template should be available.

The Remove Orphans option should only be used if you have Templates that have become damaged and the best way to correct them is to start over. This option will remove any Graph Items from any Graph that do not appear in the Graph Template to be imported. Use this option with care.

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