Data Source Profiles

This section will describe Data Source Profiles in Cacti.

Data Source Profiles

Data Source Profiles Edit

The following values are for the disk usage per Data source for the respective data profile

30 second polling

Daily 48kb

Weekly 43kb

Monthly 46kb

Yearly 140kb

1 minute polling

Daily 93kb / data source

Weekly 45kb / data source

Monthly 47kb /datasource

Yearly 140KB/data source

5 minute polling

Daily 19kb / data source

Weekly 22kb / data source

Monthly 25kb / data source

Yearly 26kb / data source

Data Source Profiles RRA Edit

Changing data profile averages

The Cacti GUI allows you to change the averages on a specific Data source profile some setups require a higher resolution of data and you may want to change the averaging to keep the most data this will come with a cost of storage due to the bigger sized RRDfile

To do this follow these steps

Method 1 - New system without any hosts

  1. Login to Cacti

  2. Click on Presets >> Data Profiles

  3. Select the profile you want to edit i.e 1 minute collection

  4. Select the period which you want to edit i.e weekly

  5. If you wish to change the average select the aggregate level for 1 minute you will be able to go as low as 5 Minutes

  6. You will need to edit the Rows amount to match the data retention you want to set after this period the data will be averaged out to the monthly graph

  7. Save config and generate graphs

Method 2 - Existing device(s) on system

This is a more data destructive route and it will depend on your situation. If you have graphs already on cacti you will not be able to use Method 1. An option if you do not care about the graphs is to either remove the graphs via the gui or run the following script /cli/php remove_graphs.php with the --all function.

This will REMOVE ALL THE GRAPHS and you can then follow the steps outlined in Method 1 to change the profile how you like

Data profile Rows Calculation

The rows calculation take in to account the following

Rows = Aggregate level * hours


1 Minute aggregate level storing for 3 days ( 72 hours)

(Aggregate level)60 * 72 ( 72 hours) = 4,320

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