The Cacti Log Interface


The Cacti Log is where all Cacti statistics, warnings, errors and other log messages are sent to. Cacti can optionally log some information to your syslog or event log depending on your OS type.

The Cacti Log is by default ordered from newest event to oldest event, and the Cacti Log is rotated by Cacti itself once a day.

If you have the User Level permission, you can view any available Cacti Stadard Output or Standard Error log. If you have the Administrative level access, you may additionally purge information from the logs.

As a Cacti Administrator, you have the ability to filter out some message types from users for example, one message type that people like to filter out is "AUTH" messages that tell you who is logging into the Cacti Web Site. You can edit these removal rules from the Cacti Settings page.

An image of the Cacti Log file can be seen below.

Cacti Log File

Cacti Log Filters

What we like to see in the Cacti Log is a lot of Green, which means good. By default, WARNINGS are yellow, and ERRORS are red. But there are other types of messages that highlight differently. Generally, you can filter for these message types. The filters include:

The Cacti Log Types include the following:

Differences between User and Administrative Views

As previously mentioned, the Cacti log has two permission levels, the User Permission level will not include the Purge button, and can have some information hidden from public view whereas the Administrative view includes all Log messages and a *Purge** button.

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